SUGAR Arrested For Overstay Waterproof Eyeliner – 01 I’ll Be Black (Black) Review

We Indians are blessed with beautiful eyes, but we still love to enhance that with eyeliners making it look extra bold. And for this, you’ll definitely need good eyeliner for dramatic eye makeup. Sugar Cosmetics is here with best waterproof eyeliner that helps you create Different eyeliner styles like winged eyeliner, Double-sided Cat Eyeliner, Thick,…

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Fab Bag October 2016- The Festive High Review

I am in loads of festive mood and thus there’s a decrease in the number of posts happening these days. Post the awesome Navratri/Durga Puja celebration, it’s time that I start preparing for Diwali now. Diwali shopping is already done and was thinking about the perfect makeup and hairdo that will go well with it.…

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