7 Most famous Yatras Made In India

Hindu pilgrimages also called Yatras are made to holy places. You will find thousands of devotees that go on this yatra that is held in different parts of India. It is believed yatras must be done at least once in a lifetime which cleanses off all their sins. India has rich traditions and it is…

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Do Visit These Top 6 Theme Restaurants In Mumbai

Looking for the unique and best dining places in Mumbai? Then you definitely need to try some theme restaurants in Mumbai. Spend some gala time with your loved ones at these theme restaurants. Different and out-of-the-box themes are sure to leave you amazed.   Top 6 Theme Restaurants In Mumbai 1. Rainforest Restrobar This casual…

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Indoor plants for Beginners: First-Time Plant Owner

I personally get hypnotized by the drool worth plant pics on Instagram.  But due to the fussiness and taking care of them, I avoid keeping indoor plants. While, recently with my research I have found some amazing houseplants for beginners which very little care and also can also thrive in different environments—like bedrooms with sunlight…

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Natural Home Remedies for Dry Cough That Actually Works!!!

Dry cough tends to get very irritating. A dry and itchy throat is also one of the symptoms of COVID-19. The two types of cough are – productive and non-productive. A non-productive cough is called dry cough which doesn’t expel mucus or phlegm. Generally, the reason for dry cough can be allergy while there are…

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