Top 9 Stunning Color Combinations for Bride and Groom Outfits in Traditional Indian Weddings

Top 9 Stunning Color Combinations for Bride and Groom Outfits in Traditional Indian Weddings

So shaadi squad ready to ditch the very predictable reds and whites for your big day? Choose your lehengas and sherwanis in the trending colour combination for Traditional Indian Weddings 2024. This can definitely take a lot of effort and be a serious sartorial swagger. Ditch the aunties’ outdated advice and get into 2024’s hottest colour palettes for your special wedding day.

Top 9 Stunning Color Combinations for Bride and Groom Outfits in Traditional Indian Weddings

1. Pastel Power

Pastel hues are ruling everywhere including the Bollywood wedding. Soft, dreamy hues such as lavender and mint green are perfect for a fairytale-inspired wedding. Do a fairytale theme and you as a bride floating down the aisle in your flowy lavender lehenga. Let the groom complement a mint green sherwani filled with floral embroidery. Seems so whimsical, romantic, and totally Insta-worthy, right?

2. Jewel Tones

Want to try something bold and regal for your wedding day? Choose deep emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. The bride will radiate confidence in an enchanting emerald lehenga adorned with loads of. While for the groom, a sapphire sherwani with a ruby pocket square. This wedding colour combo for Indian weddings is sure to ooze elegance and luxury and makes a perfect fit for a royal shaadi. [READ: Trendy Color Combinations for Haldi Decor 2024]

3. Monochromatic Magic

Does matching seem boring to you? Embrace the chicness of monochrome some single colours, different shades and also textures. Choose from a blush pink palette for the bride’s lehenga having transitioned from light to deep pink. While the groom sports a matching sherwani with fabric in texture. This looks very modern, minimal, and definitely to turn heads.

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4. Neon Nights

For all those adventurous newbie couples this wedding season. You may Ditch the pastels and embrace the new neon revolution! Let the bride rock a vibrant coral lehenga highlighted with neon green accents. while for the groom choose a lime green sherwani. This wedding colour combo is fun, playful, energetic, and just perfect for a fun-filled celebration.

5. Metallic Mania

For a glamourous Indian wedding add a touch of metallics like gold, silver, or rose gold. Let the bride adorn shimmering rose gold lehenga with beautiful intricate beadwork. While the groom can show off his shine in a champagne-hued sherwani. This wedding colour combo is sophisticated, timeless, and also perfect for your grand wedding celebration.

6. Colour Blocking

Let the artistic bride and groom play with bold colour combinations for a mesmerizing statement look. Go for a mustard yellow lehenga for the bride and a deep blue sherwani for the groom. How playful and unexpected colour combination for an Indian wedding right?

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7. Nature’s Palette

Nature love couples can get Inspired by the hues of the earth. Adorn in earthy tones like olive green, mustard yellow, and terracotta. Bride in a terracotta lehenga with floral embroidery can look stunning. while the groom will complement her well with an olive green sherwani. This colour combo is natural, grounded, and perfect for a rustic-themed Indian wedding.

8. Cultural Fusion

Celebrate your diverse backgrounds with colours from both cultures in your wedding outfits. Let the bride find her lehenga with colours from her heritage. And the groom complements her with a sherwani inspired by his own traditions. This colour combo for a wedding is meaningful, mature, and personal, and celebrates your unique love story.

9. Rainbow Riot

Difficulty in choosing just one colour? Flaunt a rainbow explosion of wedding outfits! let the bride rock a lehenga with multiple colourful panels. while the groom can complement the bride with a sherwani in the same colour palette. This wedding colour combo is fun, festive, and truly perfect for a vibrant celebration.

With all these suggestions the best colour combo must reflect your unique personality and love story. So, ditch the rulebook, experiment, and find the colour combination for a wedding that makes your hearts sing! While, is also essential that you consider the venue, time of day, and overall theme of your wedding. When choosing from these colour palettes. you can also get more creative with accessories such as Belts, jewellery, and footwear that add pops of colour and personalize your outfits.

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