Explore Top Places in North East, India

<strong>Explore Top Places in North East, India</strong>

Largely remaining untouched to date, many of the places to visit in the North East still retain their rustic charm and offer plenty to do, see and explore with the North East Tour Packages. A shout-out to those who are looking for an off-beat experience with bewitching alluring scenic views. The diverse geography of the region allows for ample options for travel enthusiasts to get in touch with nature’s marvellous creations. Spot the one-horned Rhinos at the Kazi Ranga National Park located in the northeastern state of Assam which is spread over the banks of River Brahmaputra. Its grassland and wetlands are home to elephants, tigers, wild water buffaloes and swamp deer. One of the most beautiful places to visit with the Sikkim Tour Packages is Lachung. This small village town rests atop the mountains situated close to the border between Tibet and Sikkim. It houses the famed nineteenth-century monastery which is encompassed by beautiful apple orchards. Another attraction located in the Yumthang Valley is the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary which protects various species of the rhododendron plants. The famed Cherrapunji is the second wettest place in India as it receives an average rainfall of 11,777 mm annually. The place is also known for its natural wonders like the Double Decker Living Root Bridges made from rubber trees and the gorgeous Nohkalikai Falls offering a beautiful view of the seven multiple streams cascading down a cliff simultaneously. Mawsmai Cave is the fourth largest cave in India and also showcases a pool inside created by five different rivers.

Kohima, Nagaland

The travelogue of the North East Tour Packages gives a thumbs-up to the hilly capital of Nagaland Kohima. As it is one of the seven sister states of India. Kohima was originally known as ‘Kewhira” which was derived from the Kewhi flowers found in the region. It is famous for its untouched beauty, ethereal environment and a land of folklore passed on from one generation to the next. Kohima is situated at an elevation of 1500 m above sea level and is endowed with emerald forests, picturesque landscapes and quaint hills. Kohima finds a place in history as the site of an intense fight which took place against the Japanese, a part of a sixty-four-day-long battle during the Second World War. Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak located twenty-five km south of Kohima offer the most stunning landscapes of the continent. They are the solid proof of the moniker Nagaland “ Switzerland of the East”.They are an absolute must for all trekking enthusiasts. Japfu Peak with a towering height of 3048 m is the second-highest peak in Nagaland and is the idyllic vantage point for admiring the beauty of the Dzukou Valley especially when in full bloom burst. The Kohima Museum portrays the traditions and culture of many tribes of the state as it holds many unique artefacts related to different tribes of the region.

Tsomgo Lake

Top Places in North East india

An amazing attraction listed on the Sikkim Tour Packages is the Tsomgo Lake. The lake lies forty km away from the main city of Gangtok. It is an immensely beautiful glacier lake and a top priority for travellers visiting Sikkim. Tsomgo means “Source of Water”.The lake reflects the gigantic views of the snow-clad mountains around it making the journey even more memorable. Tsomgo Lake is also known as Changu Lake and remains frozen during the winter season. The surface of the lake reflects different colours with the change of seasons and is held in great reverence by the Sikkimese people. As the winter season ends around mid-May the lake’s periphery has blooms of flower species like primulas, poppies, irises and rhododendrons. Attractions at the lake site include joy rides on decorated mules and yaks and stalls offering a variety of food and drinks. The lake is located in a restricted area so it is essential to obtain permits.

Agartala, Tripura

Visit the capital of Tripura -Agartala with the North East Tour Packages. Agartala lies snuggled on the banks of River Haorah (Howarh) and is a laid-back city. The name Agartala is made of two words “Agar” and “Tala” where Agar refers to an oily valuable perfume of the Agaru tree and the suffix ‘Tala “ means a storehouse. It is a melting pot of rich cultural traditions, royal heritage and natural splendour. Agartala was once the centre of power of the mighty rulers and is known for places like Ujjayanta Palace, several beautiful temples and stunning lakes. It is the second-largest city in Northeast India after Guwahati. The Ujjayanta Palace was built in 1901 and has magnificent carved wooden ceilings, marvellous tiled floors and amazing doors. The palace was named by Rabindranath Tagore who was a regular visitor of Tripura. It includes the Public Halls, Throned room, Durbar Hall, Library, The Reception Hall and the Chinese room. Earlier it served as the meeting place for the Tripura Legislative Assembly till 2011 and now serves as a museum and a tourist attraction of Agartala. Jagannath Temple the famous religious site was built by Maharaja of Tripura of the Manikya Dynasty in the 19th century and is situated on the Ujjayanta Palace grounds and is dedicated to Hindu Gods-Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. The main rituals followed here are -the Nitya Puja, Bhoga offerings and distribution along with the evening Aarti. The Ratha Yatra is the annual festival of the temple which is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Nathula Pass

Traverse the highest motorable pass Nathula Pass with the  Sikkim Tour Packages. Nathu means “ listening ears or the whistling pass” and La means “pass”.It lies on the Indo-Tibetan border at 14,450 feet above sea level in the Dongkya Range of the Himalayas. Nathu la Pass is one of the three open trading border posts between India and China. It is located fifty-four km east of Gangtok and the only way to reach the pass is through a drive from Gangtok. The temperature here remains low for most parts of the year and becomes the hub of activities for tourists during summer. Tourists gather here every year for trekking in the valley and enjoying the scenic beauty. Several waterfalls gurgle along the way from Gangtok to Nathu La. It also offers alluring views of the beautiful snow peaks encircling the area. The region also supports wildlife like Tibetan gazelle, yaks, snow leopards, Tibetan wolves etc. Only Indian nationals with valid permits can visit the Nathula Pass. Apart from natural beauty, there are several places in and around the pass that one must for exploration of the region including the Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir. The temple is strategically located on the Indo-China border. It was built in memory of Baba Harbhajan Singh who was an Indian army soldier who died near Nathula in 1968. The staircase along the steep mountain roads of Nathula leads to the international Indo-China border. The visitors need to climb the slope, climb the stairs slowly and take a rest in between. Once you reach click some awesome photos and enjoy panoramic views of the entire Himalayan range.

Gorichen Peak

Located in Arunachal Pradesh is the highest and scalable peak known for its trekking trails. For an ‘ otherworldly “ experience pre-book the North East Tour Packages in advance. It is the most famed trekking circuit among climbers and hikers in the northeast and provides a moderate challenge to trekkers. It is located at an elevation of 22,500 feet above sea level and lies 164 km from Tawang. The peak is locally called Tsa-Nga Phu which literally means the “Kingdom of Deity”.It is considered one of the sacred peaks as it protects the locals from all the evils according to the Monpa tribe. Local people often refer to it as the giant white elephant because of the white carpet of snow which covers it, making it the most distinctive and identifiable peak in the region. Gorichen remains snowbound throughout the year and has captivated the hearts of many seasoned mountaineers and adventure-loving trekkers. The view is bewitching as there are patches of verdant forests and green meadows which can be seen in the interlocking valleys below as the shimmering white snow-capped peaks tower over them, glistening in the sun.


Top Places in North East india

Enwreathed in clouds, alluring and exuberant are the adjectives which describe this destination of the Sikkim Tour Packages. The capital of Sikkim -Gangtok is the must-visit hill station in India. It is located at an astounding height of 1650 m above sea level. During sunny days Gangtok offers splendid views of Mt.Kanchenjunga.It is also the base for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers and campers who are heading towards the Himalayan Mountain ranges. The most popular treks departing from Gangtok are the Tholung trek, Dzongri trek and the Varsey or Barsey trek .Gangtok also serves as a significant starting point for mountain biking excursions. Starting from March to mid-May the encompassing regions transform into fields of colourful carpets with the blooming of the wild rhododendrons. There are many religious sites to be visited like the Enchey Monastery, Ganesh Tok and Rumtek Monastery. If one is looking for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or even an adventure trip or a peaceful place to relax and unwind among wonders of nature then the answer lies in Gangtok, Sikkim-the complete package. One of the most significant attractions in Gangtok is the Ropeway which is a to and fro cable car ride. Get a bird’s eye view of the entire township of Gangtok as each ride carries up to twenty -four passengers and has three stations in the one km ride. The boarding point is Deorali, with Namnang as the middle stop and the last and final destination-Tashiling.

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