7 Underrated Glow-up Tips in 2023

7 Underrated Glow-up Tips in 2023

Contrary to popular belief that a glow-up only has to do with someone’s outer physical appearance, a glow-up refers to your overall well-being. This means how you care for your mind and body both inside and out. Naturally, a glow would include taking care of your physical appearance as well. We have brought you some of the most underrated glow-up tips you must know about in 2023.

One thing you should keep in mind is that no one solution fits all in today’s world. Take skincare, for example. First, you have the main classifications like dry or oily skin, and then we have people who have a combination of different skin types. Then, you have allergies and irritants that are unique to each person. This is why you need to do your research before choosing a product or routine. You can read or watch product reviews online and find forums where you can discuss things with like-minded people before committing to anything.

Since you’ll be doing all this online, the importance of having fast and reliable internet cannot be overstated. A good internet connection allows you to be more done in less time and does not add to your frustration, which could in turn affect how you feel and you may end up with a few lines on your face from frowning too much over a fussy internet. Thus, consider switching to one of the best options out there with because of its excellent value proposition, multiple speed options, unlimited data, and no contract. Once that’s sorted, you can start exploring the tips mentioned below.

Get a new haircut or change your hair color

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As we evolve, fashion trends and our styles are also undergoing continuous evolution. While this gives way to some of the most innovative trends we’ve ever seen, it doesn’t mean you should follow every trend blindly. That said, one of the best ways to upgrade how you look is to get a new haircut and change your hairstyle. You can even get a new hair color depending on your preference.

Start wearing makeup

If you’re just getting into makeup, things can quickly overwhelming as there are too many options out there. For best results, consult a professional who can give you specific recommendations based on your desirable outcome. There’s nothing wrong with one’s imperfections, but good makeup can significantly upgrade how you look. Also, pay attention to your clothes as you might end up spending a lot on unnecessary clothes that you don’t wear much.


Since every skin is different, we won’t get into the specifics but only share common tips. Our skin is exposed continuously to harsh atmospheric conditions throughout the day that adversely affect its health and how it looks. That’s why you should set up a proper skincare routine that includes exfoliation and nourishing your skin regularly. Don’t forget to apply a good hair protection serum and sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun.

Exfoliate your face

Did you know that our body tends to collect things like oil, impurities, and dead skin every day? This is not visible at the start, but it can subtly build up a layer of deposits on our skin that makes it look dull. You can start by applying a hot cloth to your skin to open up the pores and an exfoliator with Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid to thoroughly clean it. After the exfoliation, apply a full-face mask to remove any leftover deposits. Exfoliate with a gentle brush to remove dead skin whenever you feel the need to but me mindful with it on your face, as you don’t want to over-exfoliate and damage your skin barrier.

Use natural beauty products

Instead of using beauty products with artificial ingredients like parabens, formaldehyde, and silicones, try using natural beauty products. You can use things like Retin-A cream or gel to help promote new cell growth and make the texture better. Consult your dermatologist if it is safe to use for your skin type or they can recommend a similar product that suits your skin better.

Strengthen your core

Your posture is an integral part of how you look and how you carry yourself. Having a bad posture because of bad habits can not only adversely affect your health, but also put off other people. Try sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and an upright spine. You can also look up exercises to strengthen your core, which is responsible for your posture.

Exercise regularly

Benefits Of Regular Physical Exercise

In many ways, our body functions like a complex machine that requires maintenance to stay healthy and in shape. Exercising regularly can help you reduce excess fat and dark spots. Naturally, the type of exercise you need to do depends on your goal. While you would exercise at a moderate intensity for a glow-up, you’ll need to do a high-intensity exercise to lose weight.


These are some of the most underrated glow-up tips you can follow in 2023. Remember, it’s about making yourself feel better and that might feel like an inconvenience at times, but you should keep the end goal in mind. A glow-up can not only make your social life better but also boost your self-esteem and with newfound confidence you can reach new goals.

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