Better Sleep Quality to Prevent Ulcer: 5 Important Tips You Can Follow

Better Sleep Quality to Prevent Ulcer: 5 Important Tips You Can Follow

Did you know that ulcers recur not only because of careless eating patterns? Your sleep patterns can also affect the recurrence of symptoms of acid reflux or better known as GERD. If you keep staying up late and don’t get enough sleep at night, your ulcer issue can continue to recur.

Why Lack of Sleep Can Cause Ulcer?

Lack of sleep is indeed one of the causes of ulcer recurrence. Ulcer recurrence can be caused by a messy sleep schedule, but lack of sleep can also be caused by ulcer symptoms.

When you are sleep deprived, your digestive system process can be disrupted. Especially if you experience insomnia which makes you feel hungry at night. When you snack on unhealthy foods at night, this will disrupt the schedule of your digestive system. The digestive organs should be preparing energy for the next day, instead, they have to work extra to digest food you just chew. As a result, stomach acid may rise and eventually make you experience an ulcer the next day.

How to Prevent Ulcer from Recurring Through a Better Sleep Schedule?

If indeed the cause of your ulcer recurrence is lack of sleep, then the best way to tackle this issue is to ensure you can have better rest and sleep. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, because this will keep your biological clock (circadian rhythm) well maintained. Apart from that, do follow some of the following tips below.

Better Sleep Quality to Prevent Ulcer
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Have a routine before bed

Having a routine can be a great way to alert your brain that it’s time for you to sleep. Before bed, you can take a warm bath or drink a cup of herbal tea, such as chamomile or lemon. Both are believed to be able to reduce stress levels and improve the digestion system effectively. A study revealed that the melatonin content in herbal teas can also make you sleepy quicker, thus it will also increase the duration of your sleep.

Create a relaxing bedroom environment

Creating a bedroom that can help you sleep better at night is also a good way to ensure a good sleep. What you can do is to keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and have a cool temperature. You can also use a comforter as a way to warm you up, in case the room is too cold. You can consider using curtains, earplugs, or even playing white noise in the background to create a more peaceful sleep environment.

If you want to splurge on yourself to ensure you can have a better rest at night, you can invest by purchasing a couple of things for your bedroom at your trusted online shop platform. You should purchase a comfortable comforter and sheets, a reed diffuser, and even a small bed lamp.

Healthy diet

One of the reasons why indigestion often recurs is also due to an unhealthy diet. Try to avoid heavy, spicy, or sweet foods at night. Also, make it a habit not to eat two hours before going to bed. Adjusting your diet can also help to reduce the possibility of heartburn when you sleep. Experiencing heartburn before going to sleep can mess up your sleep schedule, thus creating a whole more problem the next day. Thus, you should do a healthy diet to avoid heartburn that can cause a lack of sleep and ulcer possibility.

Change sleeping position

Sleeping on your stomach can have a bad effect on your stomach acid. This position aligns your esophagus with your stomach, thus making it easier for stomach acid to rise. Try to sleep on your back, and use a pillow to support your head. This position can keep the esophagus above the stomach. In addition, it can reduce the risk of stomach acid rising. However, if you are used to sleeping on the side, it is advisable to take the right side to reduce pressure on your heart.

Practice stress-reducing techniques

Stress can also contribute to a lack of sleep and insomnia. One of the ultimate things that you can do to help you manage stress well and be able to sleep better is by practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing. Make sure you set time to do this before sleep time to prevent ulcers due to lack of sleep.

Keep in mind that the cause of ulcer recurrence is not only due to lack of sleep. But it can also happen because of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. If you have managed your sleep schedule well and feel that you have had enough rest, but the symptoms of ulcers still appear constantly, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

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