Stop the Guesswork: 5 Best Methods for Identifying Unknown Callers

Stop the Guesswork: 5 Best Methods for Identifying Unknown Callers

Are you tired of receiving anonymous calls and wondering who is on the other end? Do you want to avoid picking up unknown numbers, fearing it could be a sham or an unwanted sales call? You’re not alone. We all receive unsolicited calls, and knowing how to identify them is necessary.

Whether it’s a telemarketer, a scammer, or someone you don’t recognize, these calls can be frustrating and even alarming. However, several methods are available to help you realise unidentified callers and put your mind at ease.

This article will analyze the five best sites for identifying anonymous callers. From using our most efficient USPhoneLookup tool for performing a reverse phone lookup to other sites, we’ll provide the knowledge to enable you to make findings and informed decisions about who you decide to engage with on the phone. So, let’s dive in and take control of our phone calls!

The 5 Best Methods for Identifying Unknown Callers

  1. USPhoneLookup: Overall best method for identifying unknown callers.
  2. Intelius: The most versatile reverse lookup method
  3. WhoseNumber: Advanced technology to lookup numbers quickly
  4. Spokeo: The best platform for private and secure number lookup.
  5. WhoCallMe: Best to find out helpful information about an unknown caller

1. USPhoneLookup – The overall best method for identifying unknown callers.

Using the USPhoneLookup site to identify unknown callers efficiently allows users to search phone numbers to retrieve an array of information on the caller they are trying to identify. This method offers an extensive phone number database and fast and accurate search results.

The USPhoneLookup method is easy as you only need to enter the phone number into the search box on the homepage and click “Start Search.” The service will then provide data about the phone number, including the owner’s name, address, and other details.

The information of the identified caller can be narrowed down on a USPhoneLookup site to its area code which will give you a clue about the location of your caller. This method also provides data on residential addresses, close relatives, other phone numbers, a background check that includes public, criminal, and court records, etc. Using this method to identify an unknown caller is straightforward, easy, and seamless.


  • Up-to-date and accurate information.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Extensive phone number database.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Top-notch privacy protection.


  • Limited to just the US.
  • Unable to access information on government numbers.

2. Intelius – The most versatile reverse lookup method

Another method for identifying anonymous callers is using the Intelius website. Intelius is a reliable unknown number lookup site that provides a wide range of features to enable you to fetch helpful information beyond just the caller’s name and location.

Intelius’s ability to offer extensive reports, including court, criminal and civil records, social media profiles, and more, makes it very efficient to identify unknown numbers. This information about the anonymous caller can provide in-depth background knowledge, helping you ascertain their identity and make the right decisions about handling the call.


  • Real-time data.
  • Confidential and safe.
  • Round-the-clock customer service


  • Not entirely free.
  • You must sign up.

3. WhoseNumber – Advanced technology to track numbers quickly

Using the WhoseNumber tool is another method that offers an automated way of revealing all the information linked with an unidentified phone number. The WhoseNumber database has documents of directories, phone listings, and public records data. This site provides services like identifying spam calls, validating an identity behind a number, etc.

The WhoseNumber site has outstanding features that enable you to limit your searches by clicking on the city area code where the unknown number resides to get more detailed data on your unknown caller. This method is seamless as you can also narrow your searches by finding the number in the city by Alphabet.


  • Valid and quick replies.
  • Seamless to Use.
  • Saves you from stress.
  • Has an extensive database of millions of numbers.
  • Can access public and court records.


  • Efficient for only US phone numbers

4. Spokeo – Best platform for private and secure number lookup.

Spokeo is a reliable phone number search website that retrieves data from online and offline sources. Utilising this method is easy as the website takes the stress out of tracking public information by compiling it into a neat profile. It is an effective website used to unmask the identity of an unknown caller. Its database offers information on both landlines and mobile numbers.

This method helps you seamlessly identify scams and the name and location of an incoming caller on its free version. It also uses real-time data to ensure the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, making it a trusted source for identifying unknown callers. Its people search feature also allows you to find information on individuals beyond their phone numbers, making it a beneficial tool for performing background checks and locating lost contacts.


  • It is a simple website that has a User-friendly interface
  • Provides contact’s location and family details immediately.
  • Offers free features that are paid for on other sites.
  • Updates its database regularly.
  • Can detect the location of an unknown caller easily.


  • Monthly subscription to access full features.

5. WhoCallMe – Best to find out helpful information about an unknown caller

WhoCallMe is a tool with a strong reputation for providing an exceptional cell phone identification service, which helps you reveal detailed information about the person behind the unknown phone number.

The unknown phone number owner’s data will be retrieved from vast public databases using different algorithms. If you use this method, there is a guarantee of increased confidentiality of your data because quality security measures are taken to avail you of privacy.


  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Provides accurate information
  • Utilizes different algorithms for the search.
  • Offers a quick response.
  • User-friendly Interface.


  • Cannot trace nonpublished mobile numbers


Identifying anonymous callers can be problematic, but it can be easily achieved with the proper methods. The five methods outlined in this article are the best and most effective ways to identify unknown callers that can help you avoid unwanted calls and protect your privacy.

It is essential to remember to keep your personal information private from anonymous callers. However, USPhoneLookup is the most efficient method due to its easy-to-use platform and extensive database. This can help you identify unknown numbers to protect yourself from unsolicited calls and potential scams or take appropriate action when necessary. So, if you’re tired of receiving unwanted calls from unknown numbers, try USPhoneLookup and get valid and rapid results at your convenience.

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