10 Benefits Of The Abha Card

<strong>10 Benefits Of The Abha Card</strong>

With modernisation and the world turning digital, the Government of India also took some huge and brave steps to bring about a multi-faceted change in the overall health and medical ecosystem by slowly aiming to shift the platform online. To achieve this aim, they launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). The primary objective of this mission was to streamline healthcare facilities across India and to make access to medical services equal among the population.

It aimed to provide the necessary backbone for integrating a digital health infrastructure with the help of a health ID Card. The program also extends its support toward Universal health coverage safely and efficiently.

Among the many benefits provided by the ABHA card, here are ten important ones:

10 Benefits Of The Abha Card
  1. Digitized Health Records – Instead of having and carrying a paper trail of medical information everywhere, you can now store and access all your medical records online in a paperless manner. Since the ecosystem is attempting to shift to a digital platform across India, this can also help in the long run.
  2. Access to Doctors – The list of verified doctors, hospitals, and clinics and their details will be present on the platform. This will help you find a list of medical professionals no matter which city you are in. You can book a consultation with these professionals.
  3. Record personal health information – Your health ID will be the one-stop platform that will help you record all your health-related information in one place. From your history to diagnoses, prescriptions, or any tests that you have gotten done, everything can be uploaded here to create a digitized health record.
  4. Secure – If the people of India were uploading their personal medical information online, it was important for the government to make the portal secure and encrypted so that it would not be susceptible to tampering or hacking. The safety of the medium is upgraded constantly.
  5. Share information consensually – When you register, you will receive a unique 14-digit number that will be your identification number. This number can be shared with doctors or other stakeholders so they can view the information that you have posted online. This will only be possible if you provide them with your unique identification number
  6. Easy sign-up – For healthcare to be accessible to all members of society, the registration process had to be simple. The application process is online, free of cost, and will not require more than 10 minutes to complete. You will need your Aadhar card, phone number, and/or Driving License information for the same.
  7. Voluntary opt-out – It is a voluntary and not mandatory process to sign-up for the ABHA card. You can choose to revoke your access from any stakeholder or you can also choose to completely delete your information from the online platform.
  8. Adding a nominee – You can also add a nominee to your Ayushman Bharat Health Account. It means that you will be able to create a record for other people in your family, if they wish to. This will make it easier for your whole family to reap the benefits of the digitized ecosystem.
  9. AYUSH treatments – The ABHA card also helps you receive benefits like the AYUSH treatments. These include Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. You will find a list of professionals who are experts in these fields also registered on the platform to be able to provide you with their guidance.
  10. Streamline Healthcare facilities – The primary aim to streamline and make healthcare equal across the country is probably one of the biggest benefits that are associated with the ABHA card. Since this platform is accepted by most hospitals, clinics, etc, in India, it is providing people of all strata with an opportunity to avail of similar services that will help them receive proper healthcare services irrespective of the city they reside in.

Since its launch, the ABHA card has seen lakhs of registrations from the people of India. This means that they are extending their support to the betterment of healthcare facilities and are recognising the effort made by the government of India to provide the citizens with accessible services.

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