I Got ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum & My Fight With Grey Hair Days Are Officially Over

<strong>I Got ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum & My Fight With Grey Hair Days Are Officially Over</strong>

Having experienced severe hair fall post covid, I have recently discovered that my hair has also started greying. I tried many haircare products to bring hair fall and premature grey hair under control, but all these products failed to deliver the desired result. I tried a few hair serums for women to reduce hair fall and cover my premature grey hair. But nothing seemed to work. Then I started focusing on DIY remedies to reverse grey hair and reduce hair fall.

My grey, thin hair was getting increasingly difficult to manage. I was reluctant to dye my hair as I knew it would worsen my hair condition. So I searched for ways to reduce or even reverse my grey hair. I saw an advertisement for ThriveCo Anti-Aging Hair Prime Serum on Instagram, which claims to be the best hair serum to reverse premature grey hair. I went through their Instagram handle to get more information about this haircare product. I was impressed by the numerous positive reviews and comments. I also checked their website to learn more about this brand and product. What impressed me is that all their haircare products are plant-based and do not contain nasties. This was a big plus for me as I could apply this hair serum for women without having to worry about any side effects. As per the manufacturers of this product, it can reduce the density of white hair in 2.5 months, giving visible results in 5 months. These claims were too good to be true. However, I wanted to determine whether the hype surrounding the product was truly justified.

Hair Prime Serum for Grey Hair Days

I ordered ThriveCo’s Anti-Aging Hair Prime Serum online. I carefully went through the list of ingredients and the instructions on the product label and began applying the hair serum the next day. This hair serum should be applied twice daily, once in the morning and at night before sleep. You can leave it off after the application. While I was anxiously awaiting the results, it was clear that they would not be immediate. I was hoping for this positive outcome.

This is my review of ThriveCo’s Anti Aging Hair Prime Serum after using it for 5 months. The dispenser was very helpful in applying the serum to the areas on my head that were affected by the product.

Hair Prime Serum for Grey Hair Days

This hair serum is super light and has a runny texture, due to which it easily gets absorbed into the scalp. To increase the absorption, massage the product for a couple of minutes. This will allow the haircare product to penetrate the scalp better. After 1 month of application, I noticed the difference in my hair’s texture. The texture of my hair has improved immensely, making my hair extra soft and smooth.

Regular application of this hair serum has made my hair stronger and more resilient, less prone to breakage. I could see that my dry, frizzy hair had become more manageable. As I comb my hair, there is a considerable reduction in the amount of hair in my comb. My scalp feels hydrated and well-nourished. But I am yet to notice any change in my grey hair after using this haircare product for 2 months. Still, I was quite satisfied with the result, as this serum has improved the texture and appearance of my hair, controlling hair fall to a great extent.

I continued using this anti-aging hair prime serum from ThriveCo, hoping for a positive result. At the end of the third month, I noticed the roots of my premature gray hair were turning black. This was a delightful moment for me. By the end of 5 months, I noticed that most of the grey hair had started turning black from the roots, and there was a visible reduction in the appearance of grey hair on my head.

This is the best hair serum available for fighting hair fall and reversing grey hair. I recommend ThriveCo’s Anti-Ageing Hair Prime Serum if you also struggle with prematurely grey hair. My hair feels thicker, more bouncy, and healthier. There’s so much to love about it! This hair serum certainly lives up to its lofty promises. I feel hair serum is definitely worth the investment.

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