6 Screen-Printed Sarees That Personify the Winter Chill

6 Screen-Printed Sarees That Personify the Winter Chill

Ask anyone and you will know that a saree is the perfect ethnic wear to pick for the winter season. Be it for an afternoon brunch, an office party, or a high tea, you have a lot to look up to with sarees. If you are trying to add a couple of winter sarees to your ensemble, why don’t you go for a screen print on cotton fabric? That way, you might combine the saree with winter clothing like woollen scarves or sequined jackets.

Sneaking into the past

Screen printing as a practice, dates back to the ancient Chinese Dynasty and the technique later gained popularity in Japan. Since then, the method has undergone a multitude of developments and changes. Today, artisans use stencils with photo images as against products made from cards or paper. It’s time you look beyond the old-day techniques of screen prints in cotton sarees. Do not confuse this attire with hand block printed cotton sarees as the technique of printing is entirely different. That is why Dora By Phoenix has a section of their website dedicated to winter-themed screen-printed sarees for you to differentiate and choose from.

Here are 6 screen printed sarees you can choose to personify the winter season.

Furry Snowy – Screen Print on Begumpur Cotton

Screen-Printed Sarees

Remember the white fox terrier from The Adventures of Tintin? He was Tintin’s best companion travelling with his master far and wide. While the adventure stories of Tintin showcased the special bond they share, why don’t you also embrace this fantastic print on Begumpur cotton? The bright yellow colour with the furry dog print is sure to set the tone for winter fashion. The yellow colour also creates the backdrop for life in the company of a furry dog. Just as the character of the dog evolves in the adventure stories, you need to trust this Begumpur cotton that has evolved through creativity to give your winter saree styling a special touch. When shopping for Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata, you will find an aspiring collection of screen-printed sarees you will love.

Citrusy Orange – Screen Print on Begumpur Cotton

Screen-Printed Sarees

Orange is not only the fruit that titillates your taste buds but this citrusy fruit screen printed on Begumpur cotton is the embodiment of winter fashion. As the Celsius drops, wear this unique saree and boost your glow while basking in the glory of the sun. The orange prints make the wearer vivacious and the ambience lively. You will hardly miss this bubbly attire when searching for printed cotton sarees online.

Christmassy Jingle Bell – Screen Print on Begumpur Cotton

Screen-Printed Sarees

Jingling all the way invokes the Christmas spirit and what better than feeling truly merry with a Begumpur cotton saree that captures that tone? Well, you have it right here in Dora By Phoenix. Pick this Christmassy saree and turn around the heads of onlookers. This one is the season special, so make sure it’s a must-have in your wardrobe along with a hand block print saree in case you love it as much.

Induce warmth with Grapes n Wine – Screen Print on Begumpur Cotton

Screen-Printed Sarees

Want to feel warm and happy in the company of people you love? The Grapes n Wine Screen print on Begumpur Cotton is the perfect one to pick for showcasing winter styling. Be it for indoor merrymaking in the evening or to enjoy a day gathering, wear this saree to break through the winter chill. The pink lace on the border will let you sport the extra fall.

Mishti Paan – Screen Print on Begumpur Cotton

Screen-Printed Sarees

Come winter and you are all set to stack sarees to wear at weddings. A Bengali wedding is incomplete without mishti paan or the sweet betel leaf after the scrumptious meal. Remember the good old days when your grandmother carried her betel container everywhere she went? How about the mishti paan motifs on Begumpur cotton sarees bringing comfort and uniqueness in one place? Don’t miss out on this truly Bengali spirit on your saree.

Fulfil your love for coffee with Filter Coffee Screen Print on Begumpur Cotton

Screen-Printed Sarees

Want to revive your love for filter coffee? You surely have heard about it from your South Indian friends or neighbours. Be it for any occasion, a cup of hot filter coffee in winter is the perfect accompaniment with snacks. You love it, especially when screen printed on Begumpur cotton. Your love for filter coffee in those traditional glasses is as invigorating as this saree.

Choosing sarees in winter is much like asking for things that complement the chill in this season. The screen-printed sarees shown above are contemporary without second thoughts. At the same time, they remind you of the good old days and give you a reason to reshuffle your wardrobe.

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