How to Take Care of Wood Cutting Board

How to Take Care of Wood Cutting Board

Your cutting board is a bit of an acquired taste, but don’t worry – it’s easy to care for. Once every other week will do!

What do we need for cutting board care:

  • Food grade mineral oil

This petroleum-based product will hydrate wood and make sure that you have a long-lasting smell in all of those delicious recipes!

  • Board Cream

Board Cream is a popular product among cooks because it provides protection for your hands and makes them easier to grip the board. The main ingredient in board cream comes from beeswax mixed with mineral oil- but most often you can find these same ingredients.

Remember! Do not use the dishwasher for your large cutting board (like in the picture below) if it’s made of wood or bamboo!

Cutting board care instruction

  1. Wash

When you’re done washing your cutting board, make sure it’s completely dry before storing it. It will stay clean longer this way and avoid warping from moisture that reacts with grain-which could lead to cracks or other damage! Store the wood side down so that any excess water can run off – never rub against something abrasive like cloths jam-packed full o’ dirt because they’ll scratch too easily when wet anyway.

2. Oil

Next day after washing, apply mineral oil to the sides, top, and bottom of your board. Let this coat soak in for at least three hours before removing it from its hangover position (putting something heavy on the edge). You don’t want puddles or a pool-like concoction so only apply enough that will cover the wood thoroughly with an even coating/applying pressure along all edges!

3. Use cream

When the oil soaks enough into grains, apply the cream to the wood and spread it throughout. Make sure you get in every nook/cranny because this stuff is greasy! If it gets on your hands then just use a lint-free cloth or paper towels for cleaning up; once applied thoroughly let sit overnight before handling again.

4. Polish

Your board is now sparkling clean! You’ll want to buff it with a cloth that isn’t too coarse or rough, so make sure you use some lint-free microfiber material. If there’s any wine left on the surface after drying up completely then just wipe off all residue using an old towel.

Time to change the cutting board

With the proper care, a cutting board could last your entire life. This cleaning process will keep it looking great for decades!

A theoretically possible scenario is if you have had an accident with food. There are deep cut marks on the face of wood – say from knives scraping along plates as we eat- then this should easily clean up in most cases by sanding away any ridges or written surfaces until everything looks smooth again; just make sure to go over each area evenly so nothing’s lost due time passed since first noticing damages.

When your board warps, it’s time for a new one!

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