The influencer culture has motivated millions to try this walk of life and has also begotten fruit for most of them. We have multiple stories of ordinary people becoming influencers and turning into celebrities. Famous examples include Charlie D’Amelio, Kylie Jenner, PewdiePie, etc.

 If you are also someone trying to become a top instagram influencer but cannot figure out how to make them stand out, here is your cue. Read the article below to understand the little things that influencers do to stand out from the crowd.

1) Pick a Niche

One of the most significant features of influencers is their niche. If I name any influencer, your mind will remind you of their niche. It is because every influencer specializes in a particular niche and sticks to it.

They first choose a niche in which to create content and then plan their social media strategy. Picking a field does not preclude you from creating diverse content. You can always experiment and be creative, but your central theme should remain unchanged. As a fashion influencer, you can create a funny reel at times. However, it must have an element of your niche as well.

2) Consistency

Another feature of influencers that helps them stand out is their consistency. You can head to any famous or budding influencer’s page. You will always find an active story, a post not more than three days old, pinned comments and posts, and story highlights on Instagram.

They maintain consistency in posting content. That is why, even when not working or casually hanging out with friends, they will update you about their clothes, location, activities, or everything. 

If we talk about Instagram, all the influencers post at least two stories every Wednesday. They ensure that the audience continues to get uninterrupted exposure to their content. It ensures that they do not lose interest and stay connected.

More posts also create more opportunities for engagement and increase your reach. This way, they can increase engagement on social media.


3) Create Shareable and Saveable Content

Everywhere, social media engagement is the central feature of your growth. The engagement rate is calculated by the number of views, likes, comments, saves, and shares.

As a result, all influencers focused on creating, sharing, and saving content across various social media platforms. If you are unable to understand what shareable and saveable content is, let me explain.

While using social media, what kind of content do you share or save the most? It is either educational content, tutorials, funny videos, motivational videos, hacks, etc.

Now turn to your influencers and recount what kind of content they created. Fashion influencers share outfit inspirations, fashion hacks, website reviews, etc. Similarly, tech influencers will share reviews of the latest gadgets, tutorials, and factual information.

As a result, you are more likely to engage with the content more than once. If it is helpful, you will save it and even share it.

As a result, they can increase engagement and gain popularity. When you share their content and increase the views of their content, it ranks their videos higher.

4) Keep an eye on trends

Influencers completely understand how the social media algorithm operates. They know what will bring them popularity and increased engagement across various platforms. Therefore, everything they do is toward following the SEO rules and algorithms.

Following the trends is an essential feature of complying with social media algorithms. Trending videos are ranked higher than others and therefore, increase your reach. When they get more exposure, they also get more negative feedback via views, likes, and shares.

Trends can refer to several things. It can refer to making Tik-Tok videos and Instagram reels on a trending topic, trying a viral hack or challenge, or trying a viral filter.

5) Stay Connected

It is another quality that distinguishes influencers from others. They realize that their audience is their ultimate judge. If the followers feel distant and disconnected, they will not engage with the content, and their engagement rates will drop. As a result, influencers make sure to stay connected with their audience.

They constantly engage through comments, stories, going live, messages, etc.

They ensure that their followers, subscribers, etc., feel connected and valued. It creates a closer bond between them and the audience. 

6) Purchase Engagement

It might come as a surprise to you, but it is the truth. A lot of influencers invest in paid engagement to increase organic traffic. Keep yourself in the shoes of a social media user. You’re more likely to follow and chat with an account with more followers, subscribers, comments, etc. as they appear more reliable and trustworthy.

As a result, they tend to boost organic growth, which brings quality engagement and helps gain popularity. However, one should be wise when using these shortcut methods. Followers, likes, etc., in small numbers instead of large quantities to protect our account from getting detected.


With the growth and popularity of social media, most youths are interested in becoming influencers. It is easy to understand the inclination towards the profession when we see how they became low-key celebrities.

However, influential people do not have the life they portray on the web. They have to work hard, be disciplined, and have sleepless nights. Therefore, if you can work with equal determination, you should go for it!

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