Which are the Most Beautiful Face Shapes According to Researchers?

Which are the Most Beautiful Face Shapes According to Researchers?

Every face shape is beautiful in its way. According to researchers, an oval or oblong face shape is considered one of the most beautiful facial shapes. This face shape has a balanced proportion, a fuller cheekbone, and a sharp jawline. Apart from that, a heart shape or V-Shape face, a round shape face, and a diamond shape are also considered beautiful face shapes.

A beautiful face shape is something as important as beautiful and clear skin. Your face shape decides your style, whether choosing glasses or having a haircut. Face shape is genetic; hence your face shape will be similar to your heredity.

An oval shape face

Most Beautiful Face Shapes

The height of an oval-shaped face is 1.5 times its breadth. They also have a little broader forehead than their jaw. Celebs like Kelly Rowland, Olivia Munn, Kerry Washington, and Blake Lively have an oval face shapes. Because of the width of the face, the eyes are placed apart and appear more noticeable. The contour of this face also draws attention to the smile.

An oblong face shape

You have an oblong face if your head, jawline, and chin are just the same dimension and your sides are somewhat longer. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Winslet all have oblong facial shapes. An oblong or lengthy face is sometimes mistaken for an oval facial shape. However, due to the length of this shape, an oblong face will have a lengthy jawline and forehead.

Heart face shape

It is considered the most beautiful facial shape in Asian countries. It makes the person look slimmer. The heart shape is also known as a V-shape face since the chin is sharper and forms a triangular shape. A heart-shaped face is distinguished by a broader, wider forehead. The face becomes increasingly inclined towards the chin, ending in a point. Heart-shaped faces are identical to round faces in look but with a larger forehead. Naomi Campbell, Billie Eilish, and Kylie Jenner have heart-shaped faces.

Round face shape

Most Beautiful Face Shapes

A round face is similar to a square face but with smoother corners and edges. Your face curves outward rather than vertically. Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez, and Gina Rivera all have round faces. Your chin is curved, and your cheeks are the most significant feature of your face. A round face indicates a circular appearance. This frequently results in plump cheeks and a face with roughly similar height and width.

Diamond face shape

Drawing lines from your forehead to your cheeks and downwards to your chin would form a diamond shape. Diamond faces have jawlines that are sharp and cheeks that are high. Diamond-shaped faces can be seen on Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Greene. The basic distinction between a diamond-shaped and a heart-shaped is the hairline; a diamond-shaped face has a thinner hairline.


Your face form has nothing to do with how gorgeous you are. Other elements such as your facial appearance, attitude, mannerisms, physical form, and qualities all influence how attractive people view you. Even if you are the most beautiful person on the planet, there will be individuals who do not believe you are.

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