5 Must-Have Panties Every Woman Should Have in Their Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Panties Every Woman Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Today, the lingerie section in any store is about as extensive as the others, with countless types of innerwear lined you to shop for. Gone are the days when regular bras and cotton panties were all you could find. Now, lingerie collections are fully equipped with various underwear like g strings, thongs, bikini bottoms and many more that you should add to your collection immediately. When worn with suitable clothing, these panties will ensure you stay at your most comfortable, even for long periods & used by almost by every women

If you are unsure what to start with, here are 5 must-have panties that you should absolutely not miss out on!

  1. Boy Shorts: These are a style of women’s underwear whose main design is inspired by men’s boxer briefs. They have a unique look that is quite distinct from the traditional triangle look of women’s underwear. Boy shorts look like tight, cropped shorts and cover a large portion of your hips and butt to extend past them and cut off your upper thigh. They are comfortable, cozy, and great for everyday use.
g strings must have Panties
  1. Hipsters: This is another highly comfortable women’s underwear designed for maximum coverage. It covers the crotch with a V pattern in the front and has a wide waistband that firmly holds them over your hips. The snug fit allows maximum mobility without your panties sliding up or down, and you can find them in solid and patterned options. Hipsters are also available with lace waistbands if you want to add flair.
  1. G Strings: If you want to add something seductive and flashy to your wardrobe, g strings are the way to go. These panties are designed with a “barely there” pattern that features a small piece of fabric over the crotch that connects to a skinny waistband with just a string at the back in the middle of your butt. These are very daring and offer a sexy feel to the wearer. Many do opt for this option.
  1. Seamless Panties: Panty lines are just about the most annoying thing when you put on something that hugs your curves. The ultimate solution to this problem is seamless panties, a type of underwear featuring a skinny, flat waistband and hem that blends into your skin and does not stand out. They are also designed with a wide band, so front and back coverage should not be an issue.
  1. Shapewear: For days when you want a smooth silhouette under your outfit, shapewear is just what you need. This type of underwear is made from comfortable materials like cotton and spandex, allowing the fabric to stretch over your lower body and compress fat to offer a shapely, clean silhouette. These are also often seamless, so lines aren’t something you’ll have to worry about.

You can now shop for the mentioned underwear like g strings and more. There are many Indian one-stop shop destinations for all things lingerie!

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