The Best YouTube Channels For Learning Makeup For Beginners

The Best YouTube Channels For Learning Makeup For Beginners

Recently, there has been a massive improvement in the fashion world with more creativity and tricks. Celebrities work with professional beauty artists whether to shoot a video or when gracing a red-carpet event. You don’t even need to be a celeb before you wear a fancy look.

There are several mediums to learn modern makeup tricks, however, the introduction of YouTube has shaped the makeup learning domain. In fact, who could have imagined that you could earn as a YouTube influencer while earning from posting videos on YouTube?

The world has gone digital, and you can acquire almost any skill with the help of videos from popular platforms like YouTube. While streaming your favorite channels to learn new beauty tips, it is ideal that you install a VPN Firefox addon on your browser to keep you safe online and to also block annoying pop-ups when streaming videos.


YouTube is a renowned platform where you can stream videos of different sorts. Most businesses use it as a channel to promote their brand. Players in the fashion industry aren’t left out of this cause.

There are lots of makeup videos you’ll find on YouTube, but which one matches your need for a beauty rebrand? We have curated a list of the best makeup channels for you based on simplicity, reviews, and popularity. Without much word mincing, let’s delve into the best YouTube channels for learning makeup.
Manny Mua

For some time, Manny Mua has been a Masculine fashion attaché for renowned brands. He has been an inspiration to other players in the fashion industry. His makeup channel on YouTube houses astonishing video clips on maquillage, as well as unique tricks and lessons to carve out a particular appearance. We are in a world where makeup and face beautification has been sidelined to be the job of women but the likes of Manny Mua have broken that jinx.

Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrook is a renowned YouTube makeup influencer who controls a successfully certified channel on YouTube with a track record of nearly 10 million followers. She has been in the limelight for quite some time for her consistent contributions to the fashion and makeup domain.

She regularly uploads videos to her YouTube channel on various topics including face beauty, contour, special looks, and hairstyling, among others. She also gives the best tips for a unique makeup style. Tati recently piloted a personal cosmetic line to complement her perk for beauty and fashion.

Jaclyn Hill

Our list of best channels on YouTube for learning makeup will be incomplete without mentioning the likes of Jaclyn Hill. The success of her YouTube channels has been applauded and celebrated by many fans across the globe.

Recently, she partnered with the Kardashian to open her makeup brand. She often posts reviews on controversial topics regarding makeup products of all kinds. She frequently updates her channel with simple videos on makeup tutorials for beginner to expert artists.

Not only that, she also posts videos to give subscribers unique tips and tricks for makeup ideas. Likewise, she has gathered massive recognition due to the explicit informative and educative content she regularly uploads on her channel. [READ: Makeup Tips and Ideas for Christmas]


There is a rationale behind Meyer’s YouTube channel’s title “Grav3yardgirl”. The famous YouTuber originally visits cemeteries, and she often posts about her mystical experiences via YouTube. At some point, she decides to reshape the channel to a beauty-focused one that has garnered more than eight million fans.

She regularly uploads videos that encompass topics on unpacking, heave, and splendor tricks, as well as simple remodeling concepts. She is well known for a tv program where she tries unique makeup tricks live.


Anaysa is well known for her popular tv show “PrettyPriya TV”. Who says an Indian cannot build a successful makeup brand? Anaysa channel on YouTube is one of the few celebrated channels from an Indian that has received several accolades from fans all over the world. She regularly uploads videos on topics relating to fashion, beauty tips, facial delineation, and therapies.

Anaya uses live videos to teach her followers how to use natural herbs sourced locally to make facial and skin treatments. She also provides access to materials that can be used for beauty enhancements. You’ll most likely find her unique contents nowhere else.


If you’re looking for unique ideas on nail art carving and design, then SaraBeautyCorner is a channel you should check out on YouTube. Sara is branded for her distinctive, entertaining, and vivacious concepts of nail painting and maquillage. Her channel is one of the most humorous makeup channels you’ll find on YouTube.

Nikkie Tutorials

At 14, Nikkie has been a lover of beauty and fashion. Her channel is well known for special beautifications and facial revolutions.

Nikkie expresses the supremacies in makeup through her videos. Her video lessons on face transformations will keep you in doubt about the possibility of such alterations.

The fashion world has taken a new turn, beauticians now upload videos on YouTube to promote their brands and to keep their fans abreast with the latest beauty tricks. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there’s always something for you to learn from makeup videos. To preserve your security while streaming videos online, simply download and install the VeePN add-on on your browser and enjoy seamless streaming.

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