For Someone Living With Diabetes, Monitoring Is As Simple As 1-2-3

For Someone Living With Diabetes, Monitoring Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Monitoring your glucose levels are crucial if you are someone living with diabetes. It helps if you are able to monitor them at home and by yourself. That way, one can instantly know your blood sugar level fluctuations without rushing to get tests done at the lab and wait for the reports. There are many blood sugar testing devices available in the Indian market. And I recently came across a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device that helps me measure glucose levels without a finger prick, so it is pain-free, instant, and needle-free.
I have been diagnosed with diabetes for over 4 years now and need to check my blood sugar levels several times a day. The usual finger pricking with a lancet several times a day was quite painful and uncomfortable. In fact, it even made my testing less frequent due to pricking fear which leads to not being able to control my blood sugar levels.

FreeStyle Libre

The popular FreeStyle Libre, developed by Abbott Diabetes Care is a revolutionary product. This helps to measure the glucose levels in your interstitial fluid into the cells right under your skin. This non-invasive method to monitor glucose aims to make many lives simpler for people with diabetes.

FreeStyle Libre, a revolutionary continuous glucose monitoring system is very accurate. It helps to measure glucose levels accurately and needs no needles.

What is FreeStyle Libre?

FreeStyle Libre is a revolutionary product that helps you track your glucose levels without fingerpricks1. FreeStyle Libre works on sensor to monitor glucose levels having a reader & a sensor.

How to use FreeStyle Libre?

It’s easy to use; just apply the sensor to the back of your upper arm. This can be easily worn for up to 14 days. To read your glucose levels, you just have to swipe the reader over the sensor.

FreeStyle Libre

Why Use Freestyle Libre To Monitor Diabetes?

Very Convenient: This diabetes monitoring device will automatically measure and store all your real-time blood sugar (glucose) readings.

Painless Diabetes Care: Now no more finger pricks. Your diabetes monitoring gets easy, painless, convenient, and the sensor can even be scanned through your clothing.

Easy To Use: This newer-generation CGM is small and comes with a water-resistant sensor. It is easy to use even by elderly people with diabetes and their caregivers.

Can Be Used By Broad Range Of Diabetes Patients: FreeStyle Libre can be used for Type 1 diabetes mellitus, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, pregnant women, children, and young adults.

Accuracy: The FreeStyle Libre system is clinically proven to give accurate, consistent, and stable blood glucose testing results.

How does Freestyle Libre work

FreeStyle Libre comes with a painless way to manage diabetes.  It helps with glucose monitoring 24 hours a day for up to 14 days.  Now it is just a simple scan to get your glucose results. This glucose monitoring product will help your doctor to get all valuable insights about your blood glucose level patterns and advise better diabetes care.

This wearable tech glucose monitoring device can continuously record glucose levels, and capture up to 1440 readings per day. So now you have no chance of missing any high or low sugar attacks. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) leads to better management of diabetes.

FreeStyle Libre

Where Can I Buy Freestyle Libre

You can buy FreeStyle Libre here.

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  1. Neha Sharma

    I have seen my husband struggle with monitoring his glucose levels as he doesn’t like pricking his fingers and thus it has always been so difficult to manage his diabetes. I wish I knew about FreeStyle Libre earlier, it makes the whole task of continuous glucose monitoring so much easier and pain-free.


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