Tips For Men To Wash Their Face Properly

Most men hardly find it necessary to invest in their skincare routine. But the daily commute, working at construction sites, riding bikes, or taking the Bus all of these can expose men to really rough conditions. As such, their skin is bound to become dull, drab, and dry. This can even destroy the complete texture and softness of their skin. That is why investing in a good face wash to rejuvenate the skin and help eliminate all chemicals is significant. Beardo face wash is our top recommendation for this purpose.

However, buying the best face wash out there is not the endgame. You also need to know how to make the most of your face wash. Here’s your solution to it!

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Before you start washing your face properly, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. This is because you do not want to add to your existing dirt on the skin. So, a clean hand will only help make things easier.

Use a bar of soap or hand wash to get started with the process. Take some water and soap in your hand and rub it for a minimum of 20 seconds. So, most of the bacteria in your hands will be eliminated. Scrub your nails, the back of the hand, the wrist and the palm. This should be done twice vigorously before you start to wash your face.

2. Use the Right Amount Of The Right Face Wash

It is essential that you use the right amount of Beardo face wash that is required. Using excessive amounts of face wash on your skin can trigger acne problems by irritating the skin. Make sure you apply the face wash gently on your skin once you have the right amount on your fingertips.

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3. Applying The Product

Make sure that you apply the Beardo face wash evenly on your chin, face, and forehead. Apply the product in a circular motion. Avoid scrubbing it under any circumstances as this can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. After 45 seconds, wash off the product from your face.

4. Moisturize

After you are done with the face washing process, your skin will still need some hydration. This hydration is provided by a good moisturizer. Use one that has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E substances in it. You can buy Ustraa products as they have the best moisturizing cream for men.

Important Ingredients To Look For In A Men’s Face Wash

  • Salicylic Acid helps in the dissolving of Sebum.
  • Glycolic Acid is derived from fruits and kills the dead cells of your skin.
  • Glycerin prevents the growth of acne on your face.
  • Propylene Glycol moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Hyaluronic Acid works as an anti-ageing substance.
  • Niacinamide reduces oil on the skin and prevents acne breakouts.

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