Top Gift Ideas For Her Anniversaries And Birthdays

Top Gift Ideas For Her Anniversaries And Birthdays

Taking your relationship to the next level can be exciting, whether you’re celebrating your besfriend’s birthday, or fifty years of wedded bliss! Whether you want to give her jewelry, home decor, or something more sentimental, these gifts are sure to impress. Take a look at our favorite gift ideas now!

1) Something Beautiful But Unexpected

Best friend birthday gifts should not be expected. Sometimes, you don’t need something big and beautiful; sometimes, something small is worth more than everything else. Find a unique gift that speaks to your friendship or her personality and make her feel special for just being herself. However, if you want to splurge on something bigger and more expensive—go ahead! Your best friend is worthy of it! Here are some gifts ideas that your best friend will love:   

  • A journal – She might already have enough notebooks, but one dedicated specifically to thoughts about your friendship can mean a lot.
  • Concert tickets – Your bestie would probably appreciate tickets to see her favorite band or artist if she didn’t have any plans to go herself. This is also a great idea if she’s really into music festivals!
  • Tickets to an amusement park – These make for fun pictures and memories!
  • Bracelet/Necklace – Pick out something that reminds you both of each other. You could choose to match each other with bracelets or necklaces, too! Or if you know she likes getting jewelry as gifts, surprise her with something new like earrings instead.
  • Photo book/album – Make sure there are plenty of photos of both of you together in here! [READ: Best New Year 2021 Party Looks]
Top Gift Ideas For Her Anniversaries And Birthdays

2) Something That Will Last a Lifetime

As your friends, family and loved ones celebrate a major milestone in their lives, it’s important to celebrate with them. And what better way to commemorate a half-century together than by giving an anniversary gift that will last a lifetime? The key is not to get them something small and meaningless; get them something significant that they can cherish forever. There are many possibilities of 50th wedding anniversary gifts you can give your loved ones, but these five ideas are guaranteed winners:

  • Personalised Diamond jewelry:  What could be more perfect than diamond jewelry as a 50th wedding anniversary gift? A diamond ring, necklace or bracelet engraved with both spouses’ names makes for a beautiful keepsake that can be worn every day.
  • Travel Bags/Trip Tickets: Whether they’re planning a romantic trip around Europe or a vacation to Hawaii, tickets for traveling abroad are always thoughtful anniversary presents. If you want to go all out, why not give them some travel bags so they can pack everything up nicely before hitting the road?
  • Crystal/Glassware Set: This one might seem a little old-fashioned, but there’s nothing wrong with giving your loved ones crystal or glassware for their anniversary. You don’t have to stick to traditional glassware either—why not get them modern wine glasses or even beer mugs? They might even use these items on special occasions, such as Christmas dinner or New Year celebrations! [READ: BEST TIPS FOR LAST-MINUTE PARTY PREP!]

3) A Unique Personalized Gift

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for girls, probably your girlfriend, consider giving something that’s one-of-kind. Personalize a piece of jewelry with meaningful words or even a symbol to remind her how special she is to you. This kind of thoughtful gesture will put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Birthday gifts for girls are never easy to buy. Many women want expensive things but don’t want their partner spending too much money on them. However, if you really want to impress her and make her feel like she’s truly special then try buying something that shows how much thought you put into choosing it. For example,

  • A Photo Frame: with a picture of both of you in it is sure to be well received by most women. She’ll love having something around that reminds her of you every time she looks at it. It also helps when the gift has sentimental value attached to it
  • Jewelry: The best birthday gift for girls is always something classic. Girls love jewelry. A nice necklace or bracelet will usually suffice and leave her with many more years of wearing to come. A simple trinket from your childhood can have just as much meaning as an expensive necklace or bracelet, especially if there’s some meaning behind it (e.g., I wore this when we first met).

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