Indoor plants for Beginners: First-Time Plant Owner

Indoor plants for Beginners: First-Time Plant Owner

I personally get hypnotized by the drool worth plant pics on Instagram.  But due to the fussiness and taking care of them, I avoid keeping indoor plants. While, recently with my research I have found some amazing houseplants for beginners which very little care and also can also thrive in different environments—like bedrooms with sunlight to the very low-light corners of the room. So let’s enter the plant mom life with these low-maintenance plants and live to get some new green friends. We are waiting to see your greenery do social media debut.

Indoor plants for Beginners: First-Time Plant Owner

Indoor plants for Beginners

1. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant goes well if ignored. It can thrive in low-light conditions, and dark corners and is thus considered best for corners or offices.  ZZ plant can even tolerate drought, thus you only have to water when the 2 inches from the top of the soil feels dry. Buy this to decorate any tabletop or keep it as a beautiful floor plant.

2. Peace Lily

The peace lily is loved by all for its charming beauty. It has dark green broad leaves and pure white flowers that can add oomph to any corner of your house. These most efficient houseplants filter the air and thus mostly considered for office spaces and bedrooms. This air purifying plant thrives well in bright light & needs water only when the leaves droop or the soil dries.  This low-maintenance plant is also best for gifts.

3. Palms

Palms don’t need your very little attention. It’s indestructible but avoids overwatering. This grows slowly and best indoor plant for any room. The texture of palm leaves gives that aloha feels and adds pop to your home.  

4. Sansevieria- Snake Plant

Sansevieria- is called by two names- ‘Snake Plant’ and ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. This low-maintenance houseplant with sword-shaped like leaves looks amazing in any corner and even in a very small pot. It adds greenery, height, and a happy ambiance to the interior. It is an extremely low-maintenance indoor plant that gets very easily adaptable to any growing condition and even in low light. You only have to Water this plant when the soil gets dry.

5. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is a very beneficial plant and can also be kept indoors. It needs sun and light but little maintenance. This air purifying plant looks great anywhere.

6. Dieffenbachia

This has variegated leaves that make it unusual houseplants. It is very easy to grow and needs a warm temperature. It needs Water only when its soil turns dry.

7. Monstera

Monstera is the most stylish plant and loves by social media. This is the easiest indoor plant to grow. They come in different sizes and shapes. It grows slowly and needs bright or medium sunlight. Flaunt your lush green plant on Instagram to gain many likes. This is the best-selling plant for apartments, offices, and homes. Buy Monstera

8. Pothos Hanging Plant

Pothos is the most easily grown plant. So you get to see them everywhere- indoors, in offices, and in malls. This can tolerate any given environment and can be grown in both soil and water. This gram-worthy plant grows quickly and has lovely trails.  It will need bright but indirect sunlight and water only twice a week.  You can also decorate your kitchen cabinet or bookshelf to make it look mini jungle.

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