Hottest Nail Color Trend Of 2022

Hottest Nail Color Trend Of 2022

So have you already swapped your outfits from the 2021 to 2022 trend? With changing beauty and fashion tiny addition can make a huge trend. While playful and right outfits are in trend in 2022, it’s essential to add them to your nail polish colors too. So whether you love statement nail design, simple Mani, or elaborate nail art, we get you some amazing nail color trends for the fingertips.

Hottest Nail Color Trend Of 2022

Hottest Nail Color Trend Of 2022

1. Fuchsia

Bold fuchsia will be in trend this season. This color symbolizes calmness, energy, confidence, & balance. It’s a bright shade and perfect for all seasons.

2. Periwinkle

A shade of Purple-periwinkle is definitely the most trending nail polish shade of 2022. Adore This Pantone Color of the Year on your fingernails to rock the look.

3. Mint Green

Manicure mint green is an evergreen nail fashion. This refreshing shade suits all age groups and any occasion. It’s also perfect to match up with trending nail art.

5. Metallic

The metallic nail color trend is sure to stay this year as well.  Shiny gold and glitzy silvers are the best eye-catchy nail shades. Dress up for your fancy event and spice up the look with metallic nail color. [READ: 5 Best and Easy Sparkly Red Glitter Christmas Nail Design Images]

6. Pastel Neon

Pastel neons are the latest nail color trend of 2022. This softer electric color is perfect for summer and spring.

7. Navy

Get on the bandwagon of the dark nail color trend this year. No not black, navy blue!

8. Sky Blue

Timelines sky blue is back in this year’s trend of nail polish color. This oh-so-pretty pastel shade looks classic for any season.

9. Terracotta

Prefer something neural and warm and neutral, terracotta is your color. This nail trend is also perfect for autumn and winter. [READ: 7 Top Nail Ideas for Fall 2021]

10. Yellow

Bright yellow is the best spring nail color trend. Adore this alluring color to rock your summer outfit.

Which is your favorite among the Hottest Nail Color Trend Of 2022?

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