6 Pro-Level Eye Makeup Techniques You Can Master While You’re At Home

6 Pro-Level Eye Makeup Techniques You Can Master While You’re At Home

While you’re at home trying to kill time with Netflix and binge-watching some series, why not utilize your time more creatively and helpfully? Like, trying to master your makeup skills? Well, if not all, you can at least get acquainted with eye makeup hacks 2022 for a cool and magnificent look at those outings and parties! Want some references for those? Well, we have some six listed below in this post for you.

They all lingered eye

For the extraordinary presentation and super classy effect, go for an all eyeliner look over your eyes. Getting those dramatic eyes certainly looks like a pro technique to you, but it can be simple if you know the proper eye makeup hacks 2022. You just need to underline your eye shape with a kajal in a thick line. Next, use an eyeliner over the closed lids and give it a sharp wing in the corner! Add in a mascara effect if you like!

Smokey eyes

Smokey is in demand amongst the other eye makeup hacks in 2022. Get your silver or dark brown, greyish shaded over your eyes. Now blend it with a twinge of pure silver in the corners. Add a thin line of eyeliner and finish off the Smokey effect with artificial lashes! [READ: Evolution of Makeup from 1920 to 2022]

The neon effect

Eye Makeup Techniques

 Neon over eyes? We might be joking! Well, it’s true, actually, and they look ravishing. Get some attractive neon shaded eye shadow palette with green, orange, or pink colours. Blend any two neon shades and see the magic! You can underline the effect with the third neon shaded eye pencil if you like.

Graphic eyes

When the world adapts graphics, why are you staying behind? Firstly, get a neutral shaded eye shadow and cover your eyes. Use a sharp eye pencil of your favourite shade and create the graphics you like over your eyes. You can also opt for a silver kajal with this effect or even the eyeliner of a dark shade.

Neural eyes

Want subtle-looking eye makeup? Then neutral us your key to this look! You can opt for either pastel peach or pink or light brown eye shadow. Subsequent use some glitter and primer to perfect the shade and match it with a brown eyeliner and a kajal! The results can be magnificent!

3D eyes

Do you love the 3D effect? Then get it over your eyes! You can use a fine but glamorous eye shadow over your eyes. Next, use some glitter to highlight half the section. Thirdly, you require blending only a quarter of your eye shadow for the third area. Now, this is called the 3D effect of eye makeup! Emphasizing it with a kajal or an eyeliner is your wish!

Eye makeup can be as ravishing as you like. But just ensure that you choose the shades wisely and blend them all properly.

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