Best Packaged Diabetic Juices to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels in Check

Best Packaged Diabetic Juices to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels in Check

Diabetes is quite common these.  Consuming fresh fruit juices is always the best option, but not for a diabetic patient.  Blood sugar level tends to change quite dramatically due to insulin imbalance. Hence, diabetic patients must be aware of their blood sugar levels and keep a watch on their food and drink. It is generally advised to avoid fruit-only juices since the natural sugar content in the fruit raises blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that the diabetic juices mentioned below are quite safe to consume and help to maintain blood sugar levels in check.

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Best Juices for Diabetics to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels in Check

1. Dabur Jamun Neem Karela Juice

Diabetic Juices

This is 100% ayurvedic juice for diabetes. It helps to boost immunity and best home remedy to control blood sugar levels. This increases glucose levels while enhancing glycaemic control. It effectively cleans your liver and also protects you from any liver failure. [READ: DIABETES DIET: CREATE YOUR HEALTHY-EATING PLAN]. Drink this to lose weight since it reduces the formation of the fat cells in the body. It has the goodness of Karela and Jamun which are known for their antioxidants properties to prevent diseases and allergies. Regular intake of this juice also helps in bowel cleaning from the body.

2. ZANDU HEALTH JUICE Zandu Karela Jamun

Diabetic Juices

This juice for diabetes has Karela, Jamun, and Methi. These ingredients are popular to control diabetes or any bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. This has Neem for a healthy heart and prevents any liver problems. Tvak in this juice acts as an antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agent. [READ: 5 Things I Have Done To Manage My Blood Sugar Level]

Karela has Vitamin A & C to rejuvenate your skin, and strengthen hair, while Jamun increases hemoglobin levels. This Ayurvedic juice for diabetes is synthetic color, preservatives, flavor, and sugar-free.

3. Sri Sri Tattva Karela Jamun Juice

Diabetic Juices

Karela Jamun Juice is a well-known Ayurvedic remedy to maintain blood sugar levels. This also helps to improve digestion by improving gut health. This effc9iveky detoxifies the liver & kidney for proper functioning. It is

NO completely plant-based, vegan and has no added sugar.

4. Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice

Diabetic Juices

Baidyanath is a well-known brand in India for its wellness products. Karela and Jamun help to flush out toxins and prevent any infections.  It increases fluid & sodium retention that tends to lower the blood sugar levels. Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice is best for a healthy digestive system by curing stomach infections, diarrhea, dysentery, and constipation. It’s loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients: that act as the best source of dietary fiber.

5. Nutriorg Diabetic Care Juice

Diabetic Juices

This vegetarian Diabetic Care Juice contains karela, Black Jamun, Harad, amla, Baheda, Gurmar, & Aloevera Juice.

This helps to lower glucose levels in your blood.  Gurmar content also reduces sugar cravings and aids weight loss and immunity strengthening.

6. Kapiva Rajasthani Neem Juice

Diabetic Juices

This pure neem juice is best for the skin and treats many skin problems along with maintaining diabetes.  This also conditions hair, reduces hair fall & improves scalp health. Drink this juice to treat Baldness, dandruff, and stomach-related problems.  Neem Leaf Juice also helps to fight against cold, cough, and other allergies.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical post. Please consult your health professional for proper dosage and consumption.  

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