Sarees : A Grace of Fashion as the Best Traditional Wear

Sarees : A Grace of Fashion as the Best Traditional Wear

The Indian traditional attire has immense popularity due to its custom and essence of culture. Either its a men’s sherwani or a women’s saree, all those ethnic attires are eye-soothing and literally stunning. From which sarees are the most graceful attire worn on not only occasional but casual basis too.

Worn along a matching blouse and petticoat this six to nine yards long attire has infinite drapes from which you have the option of classical traditional drapes and some of the modern drapes which can be chosen according to the occasion and obviously your mood and choice.

It is a grace with fashion that gives the wearer the most sophisticated appeal. The outfit has been worn by women for centuries and still no other outfit can match its beauty and elegance.

The love for saree never fades away, and this is the reason why every woman’s wardrobe is filled with tremendous saree.

From those traditional Banarasi silk saree to the most classy ready to wear sharara sarees they have all of them. Then the sarees are chosen and worn according to the occasion.

Sarees  Best Traditional Wear

History of this Traditional Attire

The history of saree is trailed back from the Indus Valley Civilization where cotton was first cultivated and woven.

Then women started draping the long cloth in different ways which was known as saree.

This single piece of clothing served as both lower and upper garment which also covered the head with pallu leaving the midriff uncovered.

This one piece long attire was in such demand that even the royal Indian Maharanis started wearing saree in different ways.

Later on other fabrics such as silk, linen and others were also cultivated to make this pretty ethnic attire.

The style of draping kept on changing and after sometime it became a special outfit which was worn at special occasions like weddings and festivals.

To make those sarees more popular some pretty prints and embroideries were carved on them with hands using colors.

Some bright colours like red, pink and orange become popular for those occasions that are still followed in Indian culture.

Today this traditional attire is famous overseas and needs no special introduction to be known.

Sarees  Best Traditional Wear

The Trend of Getting Sarees Online

Thanks to modern technology, now you can get your favourite outfits online without any hassle.

One of the famous textile hubs, Surat has the most trending and latest sarees that are available at both online and offline stores.

You will get Surat sarees online low price from where you can buy the prettiest sarees in bulk and wear them at different occasions.

There are so many wholesale and retail online stores offering you a wide range of sarees, that too at minimal rates.

You no longer need to explore the market for your desired saree. Simply go to the website and select the saree that best suits you and offers you a beautiful appearance.

Different Saree Versions

From the prehistoric times the sarees have been draped in many different versions.

There are more than 80 ways to wear a saree from which a woman prefers to wear those that suit the culture and traditional where they live.

Every Indian state has its own way of saree draping that is worn on a regular basis by women.

Nivi Saree

Sarees  Best Traditional Wear

Nivi saree drape is the most basic drape worn by women on a casual basis. It is the most common style of saree that is worn regularly by those who wear saree daily.

In this the saree is once turned around the waist and the pleats are tucked in the petticoat. Then after half round secure the ulta pallu on the left shoulder to complete the overall drape. [READ: How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival]

Bengali Saree

The traditional Bengali saree drape is the one that is worn without pleats. It is wrapped around in anti-clockwise direction and then in the opposite direction.

Then the loose long end is tucked around the left shoulder and then the corner is tucked on another shoulder after which the entire Bengali saree look is completed.

Gujarati Saree

The seedha pallu drape is known as Gujarati style drape. The entire draping style is the same as Nivi style and only the pallu part is different too .

Rather than tucking it on the left shoulder, it is tucked on the right shoulder with perfect pleats to finalise the Gujarati saree look. Gujarati women flaunt this drape at its best.

Nauvari Saree

The Maharashtrian style saree drape is known as Nauvari saree drape worn by the Brahmin women also known as Marathas.

This dhoti style drape is worn by Marathi women at festivals and weddings where she wears the nine yards silk Nauvari saree in dhoti style pattern for a completely cultural look.

Modern Drapes

Apart from the above mentioned traditional drapes, there are some stylish modern drapes that are loved by young girls.

They prefer to choose these saree drapes for festivals, weddings and functions. From which the palazzo style, pant-style and sharara-style saree draping is much popular.

You can get the readymade pant-style sarees online or can pair your favourite pants with the saree to make a sterling combination.

The grace of saree is ultimate and it looks well when draped in traditional styles. Those prints and borders make the saree even more alluring and embellished.

Hand block print, hand embroidery and the modern digital print makes the saree look completely adoring and stylish.

Sarees  Best Traditional Wear

Certain fabrics combine well with certain designs and embroidery such as silk and zardosi work makes a soothing combination.

Printed florals and the flowy georgette makes a perfect combination and cotton silk with bandhani prints look immensely soothing.


There are a variety of sarees which are available in different fabrics and are chosen accordingly.

Pure cotton, linen, georgette and chiffon sarees are the perfect pick of casual basis. For parties and festivals silk, jacquard and velvet are the most minimalist picks.

Nowadays the net sequins and fringe sarees are the most demanded ones. Hence, you just are just required to pick your favourite saree to get a perfect traditional Indian saree look.

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