Dr. Ratnav Ratan Gives Tips to Prevent Knee Injuries in Children

Dr. Ratnav Ratan Gives Tips to Prevent Knee Injuries in Children

Childhood is undoubtedly the most enjoyable phase of life but also a phase of injuries! And the most common injury is a knee injury!

The knee injuries that children get while playing their favorite game of catch and cook and lock and the key is something we all are aware of!

As a child, we all have experienced knee injuries while playing. It is very common and a part of everyone’s childhood phase!

But there is something different about the knee injury experienced by our children. As parents, when our child injures his knee, we feel more concerned and worried!

When our child goes out to play, we parents pray that they return home safely and do not injure themselves!

Do you also get worried when your child goes out to play and hope he doesn’t injure himself?

Then now you don’t need to worry anymore!

In this article, Dr. Ratnav Ratan, the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, suggests ways to prevent knee injury!

What are the ways to prevent knee injury in children?

Some of the ways suggested by Dr. Ratnav Ratan to prevent knee injury in children are as follows-

Tip #1: Make sure your kid is properly protected whenever playing.

Knee Injuries in Children

Children enjoy playing a lot, which entails running and leaping. Skateboarding, skating, cycling, and other hobbies are popular among children.

Whenever your child participates in these activities, make sure they are wearing protective equipment such as knee guards, knee pads, shin guards, and other similar items.

It assists your kid in remaining safe while participating in these activities.

Tip #2: Make sure your kid is wearing high-quality footwear.

Because children are constantly engaged in running and play-based activities, their knees are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear.

When children run, jump, or leap with considerable speed or force, a decent pair of play shoes can help them land properly. To avoid any form of a foot injury, an even distribution of pressure throughout the feet is critical.

Dr. Ratnav Ratan, the experienced orthopedic surgeon suggests paying great attention to your children’s footwear when they go outside to play.

Tip #3: Make sure your kid warms up and cools down properly.

If your child participates in a professional sport such as football, cricket, volleyball, or basketball, make sure they warm-up and exercise properly before beginning the game.

Coaches are undoubtedly present to assist them with the cooldown and warm-ups. However, if your child is undertaking these routines without supervision, you must instruct them to do a sufficient amount of stretching and warm-up exercises. It assists the muscles in remaining safe while engaging in this play-based exercise.

Tip #4: Make it a habit for your kid to undertake strength-training activities regularly.

Children enjoy playing, but they are rarely interested in exercising. As a result, the school plays a vital role in providing physical training that will help them improve their bodies. It will be more beneficial if your kid can add a few extra workouts to their routine. These workouts do not have to be done in a gym.

Your child’s physical well-being and physique can be improved with basic frequent physical activity and workouts. It aids in preventing knee joint deterioration and, as a result, knee discomfort. Some workouts that can aid your child include strength training, stretching, and yoga. It aids in maintaining healthy strength and flexibility in the muscles surrounding the knee joint. [READ: Vitamins to Help with Chronic Back Pain]

Tip #5: Teach your kid how to land correctly when jumping.

Knee Injuries in Children

Your child should be taught how to land appropriately when leaping. It implies that the knee should be fully bent and the foot should be flat on the ground.

This training, however, demands precision and a lot of repetition. However, when done correctly, it aids in preventing ACL tears, also known as anterior cruciate ligament tears. The most common cause of anterior cruciate ligament injury is an erroneous landing when participating in any jumping activity.

As a result, learning proper jumping and landing techniques is the most excellent method to avoid anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Tip #6: When turning or twisting, encourage your child to stoop with their hips and knees bent.

If your child has a propensity of turning regularly or simply walking straight and then abruptly turning, sharply turning, or cutting, his knee or shin may be damaged. As a result, teach your kid to crouch and bend their knees to a certain level whenever attempting to cut or turn. It aids in the prevention of twist-related injuries as well as ligament problems.

Tip #7: If your child participates in sports regularly, include strength-based training in their routine.

If your child participates in a yearly activity, such as a sport that requires him to play only once a year, make sure he is practicing regular strengthening or some form of physical activity. This avoids the tiredness when a kid returns to physical exercise after a long hiatus.

Regular exercises might help you avoid unwanted muscle strains and difficulties. As a result, ensure that they exercise regularly.

Tip #8 – Make liberal use of the ice pack

It’s critical to keep an ice pack on hand at all times at home. Kids have a proclivity for falling and straining their muscles. When your child develops knee pain, an ice pack is an emergency first aid item that you may use right away. It is considerably more beneficial to use an ice pack to reduce irritation and redness. It even helps to minimize edema around the knee joint.

So, these are the eight recommendations made by Dr. Ratnav Ratan that you should keep in mind to prevent any knee injuries or pain in your child.

So, now is the time to make your kid’s playing time enjoyable and stress-free for them as well as for you! [READ: Best Tips for Safer Baby Play Time]

Now you don’t need to worry about your kids getting injured when going out to play!

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