7 Tried and Tested Remedies To Period Pain Relief

7 Tried and Tested Remedies To Period Pain Relief

Period pain is hard to deal with and in addition, it’s every month!  In fact, it also has the medical name “Dysmenorrheal”. Menstruation cramp is a common condition and nothing serious. But without any doubt it creates a mess in the lifestyle, so be it going to work, outing with your friends, vacationing, or carrying out the daily chores, tasks seem to get hard. However there isn’t any permanent solution to get rid of this painful situation, we can surely try some effective medication methods to treat period cramps. Hence, women often look for effective and quick Period pain relief. And one of the easiest ways to ease period pain is using a heat patch for cramps.

What’s Menstrual Cramp?

Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Cramp is caused due to compounds in the female body called prostaglandins. So, before the period starts every month, this level of prostaglandins tends to increase in the uterus lining. The prostaglandin levels tend to be highest on the 1st day of the menstrual cycle. Thus menstrual cramp is more painful then. And as the menses progresses this lining is shed. This decreases the prostaglandin level and gives Period pain relief. 

Some Effective Remedies For Period Pain Relief

1. Yoga Poses For Menstrual Pain

Yoga practice is known to be a good method to ease period pain. This helps to stretch the muscles and also gives a relaxation effect. Practice yoga during periods to experience low menstrual cramping. The benefits of yoga for women are very well known and often advised even by doctors.

2. Painkillers To Curb Period Pain

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen cam is taken in moderate amounts to ease period pain.  NSAIDs medications help to lower the prostaglandins amount in your body. This is useful to get relief from menstrual cramp pain.

3. Relax Though Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a known method to get relief from cramps. This orthodox Asian healing method relaxes your nervous system, allows blood flow to the internal organs, and suppresses inflammation.

4. Calming Herbal Tea

There are many popular calming teas known to give relief from menstrual cramps. You can use herbal teas for menstrual pain relief made from Chamomile and peppermint.

5. Essential Oils Massage For Pain Relief

Aromatic essential oils help to get menstrual cramp pain relief. Massage with certain Essential Oils like lavender essential oil, marjoram essential oil, and clary sage essential oil, on the lower abdomen between your periods to ease the pain.

6. Dietary Changes

A low-fat vegetarian diet is known to ease period pain.  Also switching to unsaturated fats and healthy eating can help to lower period pain.

7. Heat Patch For Period Pain

Heat patch is the best tried and tested method to ease period pain that has worked well for me. It helps to relax our uterus muscles. Painful period pain is even worst to handle for working women or while doing any physical activity. Initially, I used the heat method to reduce period pain, but travelling, leakage, reheating became a problem.

I came across Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patches that work on the same method but in an innovative and convenient way.

Period Pain Relief

What Made Me Choose Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat?

I was actually looking for something that could help me soothe period cramp pain while travelling or doing daily activities. This heat patch works on the same methods as hot water bags. It is super easy to use and makes my menstruation day comfortable. It has also helped to ease back pain during periods.

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Why Use Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat Patch?

Initially, Hot water bags were used to get relief for menstrual pain but they tend to move and slip. Also, they can be carried around everywhere we move and needs re-heating. While most of us refrain from using medicines for our health side effects.

Thus, I prefer this perfect Portable solution of hot-water bags & medicines by Urban Yog.

  • It’s a Portable solution that provides relief from menstrual cramps.
  • In addition these heat patch for cramps environmentally friendly made using 100% natural & biodegradable ingredients.
  • This is even useful as heat patch for back pain and doesn’t need re-heating.
  • Gives a soothing and relaxing experience post application up to 10 hrs.

How To Use Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat Patch

  • Take off the heat patch from its cover
  • Then you need to Peel off its thin transparent cover
  • Now stick this on your  affected area
  • Post usage, dispose it in the dustbin

Things To Take Care While Using The Heat Patch

  • They can be just used on a dry area
  • Only one patch is recommended  for a day
  • Open a new cover only if needed
  • Never use them on the inflamed skin, infected areas or cuts
  • Keep it away from your children or pets
  • It has to be Stored at room temperature and only in dry area.
Period Pain Relief

Advantages Of Using Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat Patch?

1. Its 100% Safe

This heat patch is made using all-natural ingredients such as natural salts, clay, iron, and activated carbon. Such ingredients are completely safe to use on your skin and cause no irritation.  Any sort of redness on the skin can be due to the heat released from this heat patch for cramps.

2. Effective For Longer Duration

These are self-heating patches that help to relax the muscle on your lower abdomen or even back. They work for about 8-10 hours to get you relief from period pain. [READ: What is PMS and How to Deal With It? ]

3. Quite Handy

This heat patch for back pain is very easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. It can even fit in your small bag to always keep it handy.

4. Very Easy To Use

This heat patch for cramp is quite easy to use and can be done in just 2 quick steps. You will need to take off the thin cover & just stick this on your affected area. You’re done!  

Some QnA about Heat patch

1. Is heat patch safe to use?

Yes, heat patches are safe to use.

2. How many hours of relief does it give?

Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patch gives about 8-10 hours of relief from period pain.

3. My skin has become red, should I worry?

No, Any sort of redness on the skin can be due to the heat released from this heat patch for cramps. It’s 100% Safe on the skin.

4. Is the Urban Yog heat patch better than other period pain relief products?

Why Use Only Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat Patch?

  • Urban Yog Heat Patch can give up to 10 hours of relief from period pain, unlike other patches which only work for 2-3 hours.
  • Urban Yog Heat Patch sticks on both cloth and skin, while other Heat Patches stick only on the cloth
  • This heat patch for period pain gives relief to abdomen & back pain, while other Heat Patches brand in India tend to work only for abdomen pain.

Buy Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patch at   www.urbanyog.com

My Review For Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat Patch

Act smart and use the most common remedy to soothe painful period cramps but in a most convenient way. Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patch is the best portable and alternate solution to your hot water bag. Now it’s easy to get relief from so unpredictable period cramps. Just keep Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patch handy in your handbag, medicine cabinet, or suitcase.

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