3 Underrated Yet Significant Pillars Of Human Health

3 Underrated Yet Significant Pillars Of Human Health

The increasing penetration of unhealthy habits, instant foods, and a sedentary lifestyle has paved the way for some serious problems in India. Keep your heart strong while reading the following findings of research on the prevalence of obesity in India. A group of students from SVYASA University, Bangalore have found that the prevalence of Obesity in India is around 40.3% wherein women are more obese than men (41.88% vs 38.67%). Without any surprise, more education implied higher obesity with 44.6% of college graduates obese and 38% of uneducated obese as college graduates move to jobs with less physical work and ultimately lower physical activity. Knowing the fact that obesity has been a major reason behind various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiac diseases, these stats can be alarming but still, you have the power to reverse them by building your health pillars strong. There are just three things every wellness living program would stress you to fix in your life so that you can achieve the desired results. Let us dive into the article and find out what the three secret pillars of human health are.

What are the three pillars of human health?

Imagine your health to be your camera, and you can hold your camera properly only when there is a balance between all three legs of the tripod. Similarly, it is important to have a perfect balance between the food (basically, the nutrition you intake), sleep/the rest you provide to your body, and the movement you make to your body in the whole day. When these things are in the right ratio, you will no longer need artificial supplements/drugs to cure digestive, thyroid problems, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, various other lifestyle issues as you have naturally inherited a wellness program into your life. Once your health is good, you can lead a peaceful life without any regrets and spend less on your medicines and health care. Read more to know how every pillar contributes to your health.

Food/Nutrition intake:

Your food intake in the body is just like filling fuel into your car. If the fuel is impure and made of low-quality substances, it is obvious that your car’s engine will malfunction and jam in between the ride. From eating protein-rich food such as meat, fish, and dairy products and naturally occurring carbohydrates such as berries, green vegetables to consuming processed carbohydrates and sugar, we all sacrificed our health for our comfort. Those naturally occurring carbohydrates and protein had a lower shelf life and made people hunt for food most of the time. When civilization hit the human population, large-scale farming, processing of the agricultural yield, refinement of grains enabled us to lengthen the shelf life and that was the time we started destroying our health. This food, good in taste, tempted us and tricked our body to eat more, making us store excess fat resulting in weight gain, lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, thyroid, etc. Thus, go for naturally available fat such as coconut, ghee, butter, coconut oil, etc., and avoid processed or refined carbohydrates. [READ: 5 Things I Have Done To Manage My Blood Sugar Level]

Pillars Of Human Health

Sleep/Rest Provided:

Any machine lags from its original performance when overworked. Similarly, understand the importance of rest you will have to provide to your body so that it stays active for the whole day making you feel more energetic and enthusiastic. Lack of quality sleep has been the major reason for most of our lifestyle problems today. We all have our biological clock that drives our circadian rhythm according to the dark and light present around us. Never disturb the circadian rhythm of your body, as every other living being around us has. Our cats and dogs live a disease-free life because they are with their circadian rhythm and get enough quality sleep every day. Whereas, we as human beings, use our mobile phones and laptops which emit the same blue light as the sun rays and confuse our biological clock about the day and night timings. Since it stays confused, the melatonin hormone, also known as the sleep hormone, is not released adequately at the right time in our brain. When the brain doesn’t get the signal to sleep, it keeps us awake even during the night and thus we don’t get quality sleep throughout our life leading to many diseases. Overeating processed food, unhealthy nighttime habits, stressing about the pending tasks of your office will never allow you to have a good sleep. Thus, try avoiding all the above-mentioned filthy habits, sleep like a log peacefully every day, and experience a healthier life.

Workout, rather we call the movement:

Workout doesn’t mean that you have to sweat until your vests get wet in the gym. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you should walk 10,000 steps/day and have a silent pain in your legs throughout the day. In simpler words, a workout is not something you will do only when you force yourself or need someone to monitor you strictly. Make your workout time as enjoyable as possible. Add music or get your workout partner. Mimic the natural movements of your day, and don’t stress. Get a perfect mix of cardio and strength training to enhance your mental and physical health while ensuring less body restriction and a pain-free day. [READ: Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home]

Thus, never be involved in a workout that stresses you out or forces you to do it every day. Make your workout enjoyable such as playing any favourite sport like cricket, football, badminton. If you are not interested in sports or do not have proper space and other resources, engage in physical activity such as air boxing with the help of VR Technology. Enjoy your lifestyle, feel lighter, and live a disease-free life. Make the three legs of your tripod as strong as possible, and the results are automatically on their way.

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