Tips To Get Relief From Neck Pain And Stiffness!

Tips To Get Relief From Neck Pain And Stiffness!

Neck pain and stiffness is very common complaint. Poor posture can cause strained Neck muscles. Sometimes, Osteoarthritis is also a cause of neck pain. In very rare cases, neck pain can have a serious problem. It is best to seek medical advice if you have neck pain with hands or arms strength loss, numbness, or shooting pain in the shoulder. Common treatments like medications, heating pads, gentle massage can work to give relief to chronic neck pain

Here Are Some Tips To Get Relief From Neck Pain And Stiffness!

Cervical Contour Pillow

Your neck needs good comfort & support while you sleep. It is advised to use an orthopedic memory foam pillow that keeps you to maintain neutral alignment of your cervical spine. This helps to maintain and support the natural curve of the neck.

relief From Neck Pain And Stiffness

This cervical pillow is made with highly compressible memory foam that helps in supporting the neck’s natural curvature and thus is an ideal choice for cervical neck pain relief. Dr. Ortho cervical pillow is designed well and orthopaedically proven to give support and comfort to your neck area.  This best cervical pillow for neck pain is made using soft foam density to give therapeutic relief for different types of sleepers such as back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and, side sleepers.

Sleep On The Back

Sleeping on the back is known to be the best position to Get Relief from Neck Pain and Stiffness. This helps the entire spine to rest comfortably. While some who are unable to sleep on their back can place a pillow under each arm. This ensures good support for each arm taking the strain off from their neck.

Spinal arthritis/stenosis people find it difficult to sleep, so lying slightly inclined gets easier. Adding a foam wedge pillow on the bed or switching to an adjustable bed can help to get relief.

Gentle Massage

Massage therapy can provide relief to soft tissues like the muscles & tendons, increase blood circulation, muscle tension reduction, and promotes wellbeing feeling. Massage therapy is a good way to get relief from chronic neck pain and stiffness. Gently massaging the painful or sore areas of the neck can be quite useful.

relief From Neck Pain And Stiffness

Consider using Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for gentle massage near the neck areas. This works well to relieve pain in the neck, leg, shoulders, back, and joints. Dr. Ortho Oil is known to enhance blood circulation with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Maintain Eye Level For Computer Monitor And Phone

Always sit comfortably while working on the computer. Maintain a gaze on the top-third of the computer screen. Rise up your monitor, if you have to look down while working. Often people have to work with their heads down to see the laptop screen. Connecting the laptop to a separate screen or monitor can be useful to maintain a good posture and prevent neck pain.

We spend a lot of time just looking down at the phone. This posture has our neck and head in a flexed forward position. It adds stress on neck bones, joints, & ligaments further causing Neck Pain and Stiffness.

Use A Hands-Free Device

Do you have to spend more time on the phone? Avoid side tilting your head or cradling the phone in your necks crook.  Thus hands-free devices, like earpieces or headsets can be quite useful to talk on the phone.

Stretch And Exercise

Maintain good neck muscles strength by doing some stretching exercises. Chin tuck exercise is the simplest exercise and most effective for neck pain.  It strengthens the muscles and stretches your scalene & suboccipital muscles.

Be Hydrated

It’s very essential to drink the required amount of water for overall good health. Also, this helps to hydrate and nourish the discs that are made of water. Hence staying hydrated ensures strong and pliable discs.  

Carry Even Weight

This is the common mistake made by people to carry some heavy briefcase or purse just on one side of the body. Such uneven load tends to cause unevenness on the shoulders and strains the neck muscles. Firstly, you can try lightening the load and carrying only essentials into the briefcase or purse. A backpack can also be very useful in case you want to carry heavyweight as it distributes weight evenly on both shoulders.

Maintain Good Posture

Often the main reason to neck pain is poor posture. Maintaining a good supportive posture will help to prevent muscles and ligaments from strain on the neck.  

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