Redefine Yourself With These Trendy Hairstyle

Redefine Yourself With These Trendy Hairstyle

Having the hairline that you can do whatever you want in order to represent who you are with your styling is quite an important thing in life. While a lot of us take that for granted, a lot of men tend to have a hairline that has either receded with aging or some other condition. If you find yourself in this situation, do not worry, as new procedures offer a great solution of giving you the desired hairstyle.

FUE hair transplant is the future

When it comes to the hair transplant procedures of the past, FUT was the one that was considered a prestige. However, despite being one of the best procedures money could afford at the time, the results it provided were much inferior to the ones that are obtainable with FUE today.

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation, and it is done in a way where the skin or scalp is completely taken and transplanted to the desired area. It should have been obvious to the surgeons who performed this a decade ago why this is not the ideal way to do the procedure. [READ: Traya Anti-Dandruff Treatment Kit Review!]

For starters, it caused scaring when the skin is removed, and the second problem that it caused is the “hair plug” patches which could be easily noticed as the newly grown hair was different from the area around it. Of course, those who got this procedure done were probably happy at the time, since it was the only option, but FUE, aka. follicular unit extraction is a huge improvement.

Because the FUE hair transplant in Mumbai performed by Dr Malay Mehta extracts each follicle and transplants it into the new area, those follicles will then look exactly like the hair around it once the hair grows out. This also removes the scarring caused by the FUT procedure, as extracting each follicle is done in a more elegant matter.

FUE hair transplant

Correct your previous procedures and restore receding hairlines

If you have undergone hair transplantation in the past, you probably aren’t satisfied with the results. Modern procedures allow easy corrections of those procedures, and hairline reconstruction Mumbai can also restore the remaining hairline that has receded as well.

There are quite a lot of benefits to the FUE hair transplant, with one of them being the part where the new hair follicles are going to last for a lifetime, and you shall not have receding hair in that area ever again. Preparing for the procedure is also rather simple, and can be briefed with your surgeon just a few days before the procedure.

Final word

It is very important to have the hairline you are satisfied with. While it may seem like an aesthetical thing on the outside, it actually plays quite a big role in our mental health. It has been scientifically proven that those who are satisfied with their looks often have better psychological health, and they can easily take on various challenges that they confront during their everyday life.

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