5 Things I Have Done To Manage My Blood Sugar Level

5 Things I Have Done To Manage My Blood Sugar Level

I was not a big health nut. I always thought I was healthy and doing the exercise once a week was good enough to tide me over. All that changed 4 years ago. I was diagnosed with diabetes and suddenly, everything in my life started to revolve around my disease and how best I could manage it.

Exercising consistently, keeping a journal of my blood sugar levels and what I was eating, ensuring my mental health was on track, and taking medications on time…all of it became a means to manage my blood sugar levels. [READ: Best Packaged Diabetic Juices to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels in Check]

That first year was quite hard. I felt like I had been given a sentence and did not know how to cope. But over the years, I have learned to read my body’s needs better.

So, if you or a person you know has diabetes, these 5 tips may help you:

1. Portion Control

I love to eat and, in the enjoyment, I sometimes overdo it. I realized that I needed a way to combat this. That’s where portion control helped me. It not only helped me to keep my blood sugar level in check but also in weight management. And weight management is something that I was told right at the beginning of my diagnosis is critical in managing diabetes. (1) Now I serve on smaller plates, chew my food well, and check food labels before purchasing anything. [READ: 10 Juices To Lose Your Weight In A Healthy Way]

2. Regular Exercise

As I mentioned before, I was not too big on exercising but I had to change that 4 years ago. I tried different kinds of routines before settling for dancing, going to the gym, and yoga. These three kinds of exercises help me with strength, cardio, and flexibility – all of which are important to have a healthy body. Slowly, over the years, I have noticed how exercising for me has shown improvement in my insulin sensitivity. (2) It is a wonderful motivator anytime I’m too lazy to put on my exercise shoes.

3. Importance Of Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

Control Blood Sugar Levels

I check my blood sugar level every once a week. I try to keep it on the same day and at the same time. I make it a point to note down my reading. The numbers are a great way of assuring me that I’m on the right track. I have noticed the havoc stress can wreak on my blood sugar levels. So, my glucose monitor helps me two-fold: keeping my blood sugar level in check and keeping my overall health in check.

4. Adding Low Glycemic Index Foods To My Diet

I talked to my nutritionist who is also a Diabetes Educator to prepare a meal chart for me. She told me that it’s not necessary to forgo any item, instead make a combination that maintains blood sugar levels in the body. That’s when I learnt about the Glycemic Index. It is a simple measure to check how quickly a food causes blood sugar level spike. (3)

Low glycemic index foods help in reducing blood sugar levels. The best foods with a low glycemic index are legumes, quinoa, leafy greens, meats, fish, nuts, seeds, and non-starchy vegetables. (4)

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Recently, I have also added Aashirvaad sugar release control atta to my daily diet. This is the perfect mix of whole wheat flour, legume flours & pulse. It also contains oats and methi which is a high protein and fibre atta with a low glycemic index.

Now I can eat rotis, guilt-free, made with Aashirvaad sugar release control atta. I use this atta even in my family’s regular diet.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

I keep a bottle of water and glass where I usually work. Seeing the bottle in front of me works as a good reminder that I should stay hydrated. It also means I don’t drink beyond my two cups of tea. Staying hydrated keeps me active and is a great way to detox too. Drinking water from glass makes it easier to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water. (5)

These 5 simple yet effective methods have helped me to manage my blood sugar level and lead an active and fit life. What are some of the tips you – as a diabetic or a caregiver to a diabetic – follow to ensure managed blood sugar level?

Furthermore, if you want to book a free appointment with a nutritionist, click here.

Disclaimer: This post is for reference purposes only. Please consult your doctor or specialist for more information.


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