Hair Care Must For Coloured & Treated Hair

Hair Care Must For Coloured & Treated Hair

I entered the hair colour and hair straightening bandwagon many years ago. I was popular among my friends for the most beautiful thick shiny black hair. But as the new trend always attracts, I decided to go ahead with hair straightening and hair colour. This definitely gave me a stunning hair transformation. But with that came many other hair problems like hair fall and brittle-damaged hair issues, as loads of chemicals are used. Such hair needs extra care and pampering to maintain health. And with the search for the best herbal shampoo for hairfall control, I came across some amazing Hair Care tips for Coloured & Treated Hair. Let’s first check the Side Effects of Coloured & Treated Hair

We all have to agree that Coloured & Treated Hair makes the hair look beautiful. But let’s face the fact they harm and damage the hair locks.  As there are a lot of harsh chemicals used during the process of Colouring & Treating the hair, it tends to deteriorate the healthy hair and cause some side effects like-

1. Hair Dryness

Chemically treating & colouring hair can lose the natural moisture of your mane. This makes it look absolutely lifeless and dry.  

2. Hair Fall

The worst consequences of Coloured & Treated Hair are excessive hair fall from roots. Aldo the process of opening the hair cuticle to get the colour absorbed can cause hair breakage & brittleness.

3. No Styling

Say goodbye to all your Styling tools such as straighteners, crimpers, and curling wands after Coloured & Treated Hair.  Styling tools work on the heating process which can even more damage the hair. Also, it can make the hair brittle, lose its shine and cause excessive dryness.

4. Frizzy Hair

With dryness also comes Frizziness and thus it becomes hard to manage dyed hair. Chemicals like Ammonia and Peroxide tend to increase the porosity of the hair and make it more prone to brittle and frizzy hair.

Hair Care Must For Coloured & Treated Hair At Home

If you also have got into the harsh decision of getting your hair chemically treated and colored, it’s time to come aboard to get a deeper understanding of hair care at home.

1. Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo

moha shampoo

Choose the Best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair.  Coloured & Treated Hair needs extra care and pampering. Even if you have very minimal hair dye, always make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner with no sulphates. Basically, sulphates help your shampoo to lather and foam up. This helps in getting rid of dirt, grime, and oiliness from the hair; they also tend to take off your hair’s natural oil and moisture. And this causes your hair colour and hair treatment to fade quicker.

Choose a mild shampoo such as Moha: Sulfate-Free Herbal Shampoo that has no sulphates & it boosted with the goodness of herbs. This also helps in locking the hair moisture and thus retaining hair colour for a longer period of time. Moha Sulfate-Free Herbal Shampoo retains hair colour uoto 50-washes & maintain the shine. It is already sounding amazing!!!!

Use this Sulphate free shampoo India on your chemically treated hair to get shiny and healthy hair. In addition, this is the best herbal shampoo for hair fall control & best herbal shampoo for hair growth.

2. Avoid Lukewarm Water

If you have dyed hair, skip using hot water for hair wash.  Lowering the water temperature is the best rule to retain coloured hair. Lukewarm water washes away the grime thoroughly but also takes away the natural moisture, making hair dull & dry. While cold water helps to retain hair moisture, seal cuticles and promotes hair growth.

3. Herbal Serum

moha serum

And to protect your Coloured & Treated Hair from any sort of further damage like pollution, heat, etc, it is recommended to use the natural hair serum.

I recommend using Moha: Herbal Hair Serum as it will add a natural shine to your hair. This is the best herbal hair serum in India which helps to revive and repair your coloured & treated hair from any sort of damage. It also locks the natural oils in, making your hair healthier. This sulphate and paraben free hair serum reduces frizziness and unmanageable hair.

Enriched with the goodness of Flaxseed,Water Lily & Hibiscus, it is the best hair serum for dry and frizzy hair. Do add this to your hair care routine to protect and nourish any wear and tear on the hair dye.

4. Hair Oil Works!

The above hair care products are definitely a must add to your hair care routine. But not to forget the hair oils. Apply oil regularly on hair and also opt for hot oil treatments that act as a protective layer for the hair. This also feeds your hair with the required nutrients.  

I choose Moha 5 in 1 Hair Oil – 100% Ayurvedic hair oil which takes complete care of hair & scalp. is a mix of 5 oils – Almond, Argan, Jojoba, Rosemary & Coconut that promotes hair growth as well as take care of my dry-brittle hair.

Moha products are all herbal & cruelty-free, manufactured by Charak Pharma- Leaders in Ayurveda for the past 74 years! So, you can be assured about their high quality.

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    My girls often make a demand to color their hair but I say no to them because of reasons who have mentioned in the post. Moha sounds like a great brand with wide range of products. will check out their website to know more.


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