I’m sure you’ve heard about ‘cruelty-free cosmetics’ or maybe seen the ‘cruelty-free certified’ logo on the side of the packaging. But do you really know what it entails? Let’s find out.

Cruelty free beauty products are a growing trend. Committing to cruelty-free beauty is something that should be practiced by everyone. Whether you are vegan or not, animal rights should be important to you, because it is the right thing to do.

Cruelty free skincare just makes sense because there are so many alternatives to animal testing that are proven to be effective. Why support companies that choose to test on animals when there are so many cruelty-free brands out there? Not only are you saving an animal from being tortured, but you are also benefiting yourself in the long run.

At its core, Cruelty free means that a brand is not involved in testing on animals at any stage of production and marketing without any exception.

The term cruelty-free is used in the cosmetics industry to identify good, eco-friendly products that are designed to eliminate the use of animal testing.

It’s important that best skincare brands in India that choose to be cruelty free are committed to it and are not just using it as a marketing ploy.

Unfortunately, owing to the great demand and need for cruelty free skincare products, some brands are capitalizing on the popularity of hashtags by simply slapping a bunny icon onto their products without actually being cruelty free.

Another common misconception among people is that they equate being vegan with being cruelty free. This is not entirely true. A brand can have vegan products (no animal-sourced ingredients) and can still test on animals. A brand can be cruelty-free and can still use ingredients from animals (like honey, beeswax, royal jelly, carmine, collagen, lanolin, ghee, milk, musk, etc.). if you want to be absolutely certain that your skincare is cruelty free, it may help to look for brands that have a strong ethical stance on this issue and specifically state that they do not test on animals or mention the source of animal-derived ingredients if used.


Here is how you can find reliable cruelty free brands without being bunny washed by the trending hashtags and gimmicky ads:

1. BOP IT!

BOP by is the world’s first brand checker, a platform that checks your brand in an instant and gives it a clean or dirty score. All you need to do is type in your brand name and hit bop and the platform will give you all the dope on your brand – for ingredients which can be human and eco toxins, cruelty free status, eco-footprint, ethos, packaging and recycling policies, and honest labeling practices. The score is on a scale of 0-5, the higher the score the better and cleaner the brand is along with its clean and green footprint.

Zoobop has data of over 3000 brands worldwide, and it gives you more than just a simple yes or no when it comes to whether or not the brand is cruelty-free. It also if they test on animals or even have vague testing policies. At zoobop we make sure to check for false CF logos too.

2. Look out for certifications

You will be surprised with the number of brands that inadvertently use a trademarked CF logo on their products or website without being accredited. The most common CF logos that brands wrongly use are the PETA logo and the CCF logo. To validate a cruelty free brand, look for certification marks such as PETA, Leaping Bunny, and Choose Cruelty Free. These certifications are expensive so not many brands can afford them. However, like any good accreditors, many of these too validate a brand’s strong commitment to being CF. Many brands use false claims and logos that aren’t valid. That’s why it’s necessary to ask an accreditor to see if their logo is qualified.

3. The essential CF check

If your brand goes against any of these rules, you should think it over before continuing.

  • The brand does not test on animals
  • The supplier does not test on animals.
  • No party involved with the brand is also involved with testing on animals.
  • No testing even when the law in some cases demands them
  • They should not be selling in Mainland China where it is mandatory to test products on animals before selling in the market.

4. Shop Clean

To avoid investing in brands that support animal testing, make your purchases from clean stores. The Zoo shop by is India’s first verified beauty marketplace with the cleanest brands available. All the brands here are free from dirty formulations and animal testings.

5. Read.

If you’re thinking of buying, it’s a good idea to follow bloggers like Cruelty Free Kitty and Ethical Elephant that are thorough with their research.

With zoobop, finding truly cruelty free brands has never been easier. Zoobop provides all the information that you need to shop with great responsibility and switch to the cleaner beauty side. We believe in transparency and authenticity and providing natural health & beauty offers that really work.

Finding truly good and clean brands has never been easier.

And understanding why the necessity to do so is equally important too. Zoobop unmasks the truth for you showing you how 2 brands claiming the same benefits (sometimes all good and natural) is not actually all true.

Clean swaps are so easy to do. The zoo shop newly launched buying guide promotes only good and clean brands and products that have been vetted for you. Switching to clean has never been easier. The platform showcases sustainable and eco-friendly beauty brands. Each and every brand is tested and vetted before being invited to sell on the platform.

This is your sign to not trust everything that the industry feeds you. BOP everything! Our mantra bop it before you shop it is for you to make safer and kinder choices for the planet and yourself.

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