Tips To Choose And Wear Daily Wear Sarees!

Tips To Choose And Wear Daily Wear Sarees!

What comes to your mind when you think of Indian women? Saree, right? This elegant and beautiful attire is a symbol of an Indian woman. A Saree adds a touch of elegance and femininity to whoever wears it. In earlier days, Saree was women’s everyday wear and is still preferred by many women for party wear, office wear, and casual wear. This traditional Indian attire is also loved by youth and modern society but in a manageable and convenient manner. Draping a saree can be a task for some and hence may not prefer it for daily wear due to work stress, travelling, etc. But sarees online have a huge variety to be chosen as per everyone’s preferences, age, style, colour, design, and occasion Saree is a timeless piece and looks beautiful on any Indian body type.  Celebrities and designers adore the saree-clad contemporary chic style. And sarees are still preferred as the best women’s outfit for special occasions.

Here Are Some Tips To Choose And Wear Daily Wear Sarees

Below listed are some very important points to keep in mind if you have decided to wear sarees online for casual wear-

Design And Colour

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Women who wear sarees as daily wear often prefer saris with subtle design and light colour. Indian sarees come in numerous designs and colour options like big motifs, printed sarees, embroidered sarees online, etc to add a dramatic look. Some of the trendy Daily Wear Sarees are digital print, floral prints, checks, traditional prints, and paisleys print sarees. Thin border, lace border sarees, or Printed sarees are often preferred for daily wear and can also be adorned for parties and casual functions.


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Saree fabric is the most important thing to be considered for daily wear. Opt for a comfortable and soft saree that will keep you feeling fresh for the entire day. Cotton sarees online are the most preferred ones for their moisture and control sweat ability.  Cotton is a natural fiber and you can get saris in vibrant and bright colors. While there are many types of prints in India and handloom designs that can make it look extra gorgeous. You may also choose daily wear saris in Georgette and chiffon that is best for all seasons.

Saree Drapes

There are many different styles of draping a Saree. Every state in India has its own unique saree draping style. But usually, women prefer easy and comfortable saree drape for daily wear.  Six-yard saree is draped in casual nivi style or seedha pallu (Gujarati style).  The traditional Maharashtrian saree is nine yards and worn as a dhoti pattern, while Bengali women prefer cotton sarees and drape in a unique way.   

Blouse Designs

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To get the most perfect look of your saree online, a matching and well-fitted blouse are a must-have. Choose a blouse with proper neckline and sleeves, so be it simple, classical, or designer for daily wear saree. Keep the sleeves as per your personal preference and choice- short, long, or medium.  There are many different types of sleeves like cap sleeves, off-shoulder, slit sleeves, cold shoulder sleeves, puff sleeves, etc. [READ: Do You Know We Have These Many Bra Types?]

Accessories To Style With Your Daily Wear Sarees

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Bangles: Bangles come in many colors, designs, and materials.  For daily wear, women often prefer to wear colorful glass bangles, wooden bangle, or just a Kada.  In addition, silver, copper, or gold bangles are carefree and match well with any saree or ethnic outfit.

Earrings: Earrings are worn on a regular basis with any attire so be it ethnic or modern wear. Team matching, contrast, or bold colored earrings to glam up your daily wear saree look. [READ: Look your best in a saree! Style hacks to make you look super hot in the traditional wear!]

Bindi: You may or may not prefer to wear a bindi. But a bindi as an accessory definitely completes the look of any saree. Get them in many different colors and sizes to match your saree and preference.

Header Image source: Photo by Sakshi Patwa from Pexels

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