4 Easiest Ways To Reduce The Use Of Plastic At Home

4 Easiest Ways To Reduce The Use Of Plastic At Home

Do you know how much plastic we use daily at our home? From the start of the day to your night sleep there are numerous plastic items we come across- bread covered in plastic, straws at juice counter, plastic water bottles, etc. and many of these things are usually used just once and discarded. Do you know about Single-use plastics makeup 50 % of the plastic garbage in the oceans? Such plastics enter the ocean it becomes almost impossible to get rid of contaminants in the ocean and also get entangles on or eaten by the animal. Plastics release harmful chemicals that impact many types of animal-like sea lions, whales, birds, cows, turtles, fish, plankton, and even we humans!

Here Are The 4 Ways To Reduce Plastic Pollution


Say No To Plastic Water Bottles

As per record, there are about 4,000 plastic bottles that are used per second. But what’s to worry about then? Because these plastics never disappear and keep breaking into many smaller pieces known as microplastics. Studies suggest, one plastic bottle takes about 450 years to break apart in the landfill or ocean or a landfill. Hence opting for a reusable water bottle can be an option and play a vital role to reduce plastic pollution.  [READ: 9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe]

Reduce Plastic

Carry Your Reusable Grocery Bag

 In India, it is a very common practice to carry your own cloth bag for grocery shopping. But with modern days people are forgetting this habit and tend to pick all packed well in plastics from the supermarket. Even small vendors in the local vegetable market or grocery store give everything in plastic. Hence carrying your own reusable bags can be the ways way to Reduce the Use of Plastic.


Throw Your Plastic Straws

 There are millions of straws that are used and discarded every day. Hence avoiding straws is the best way or you can use a reusable steel straw or paper straw.

Reduce Plastic

Litter-Free Packaging

Avoid using plastic bags or wraps to pack your lunch or any food items. Rather opt for glass tiffins or containers that can be reused.

Plastic definitely contributed to many uses in our society. And Recycling plastic also helps to some extent, but do you know not all plastics can be recycled? 

Let’s come together to make our world a better and healthier place. And the best way to do this is by reducing our plastic usage every day. Even small changes can make a big difference to reduce plastic pollution.


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