The Nine (9) Colours Of Navratri 2021

The Nine (9) Colours Of Navratri 2021

The 9 days celebration of Goddess Durga is just about to begin from the coming month of October 2021.  The nine days of Navratri colours depict different meanings according to different goddess Durga. These colours have sacred importance and every year Navratri colors are prepared accordingly. Navratri festival or Durga puja is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India, but wearing the attires as per the specified days is a unique concept. Devotees love to adore auspicious different colors of attires for Navratri to worship 9 forms of Goddess Durga and are believed to get them luck.  

9 Colours Of Navratri 2021

Here are the Navratri Nine Colors 2021:

Day 1 – Thursday – Oct 7th, 2021, YELLOW

Day 2 – Friday – Oct 8th, 2021, GREEN

Day 3- Saturday – Oct 9th, 2021, GREY

Day 4- Sunday- Oct 10th, 2021, ORANGE

Day 5- Monday – Oct 11th, 2021, WHITE

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Day 6- Tuesday – Oct 12th, 2021, RED

Day 7- Wednesday – Oct 13th, 2021, ROYAL BLUE

Day 8- Thursday – Oct 14h, 2021, PINK

Day 9- Friday – Oct 15th, 2021, PURPLE

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9 Colours Of Navratri 2021

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  1. Neha Sharma

    Oh wow, thanks for sharing this list. I have seen people following the colour of the day during Navratri and it looks so good and gives the whole festive feel.


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