Ways to Survive 2-Weeks Wait After IVF Treatment

Ways to Survive 2-Weeks Wait After IVF Treatment

The time that is the 2-weeks wait after the IVF treatment is a period of uncertainty and high emotions. This is the time when an individual experiences severe stress but it must be averted at all costs because stress can take a toll on conceiving. The ultimate option is getting in touch with the IVF specialist and get tips of how to stay stress-free during this period.

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Tips to follow

Here are some of the ways of surviving 2-weeks wait when a woman tries to conceive as suggested by the best IVF centre in Bangalore. Let’s take a look at the ways:

  • Use Relaxation Techniques
  • Stay relaxed as much as possible during this period as it is of immense help.
  • You can indulge in meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and so on.
  • Listen to music as music soothes nerves
  • You can draw or paint
  • Get a rejuvenating massage
  • Read books
  • Watch your favourite TV shows or movies
  • Take naps whenever you feel sleepy
  • Go for a walk in a park
  • Snuggle up with your pet

Stay active

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IVF Treatment

The 2-weeks wait is surely not the time when you should go for vigorous exercise. But there are evidence that show complete bed rest after embryo transfer is not recommended. You must go for walk every day. This will not only give you complete peace of mind but will also help you to sleep better and will also make you feel healthier mentally.

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Gorge in your favourite food

According to the IVF centre, you must not stay away from having your favourite foods. You can continue to enjoy your cup of coffee twice a day. During this 2-weeks wait do only those things that keep you happy. You do not have to change your diet unless there is a medical need.

Stay surrounded by people who understand

All you can do is to connect with online infertility forums and open your heart out. It will indeed help you to cope with the situation. You can also look for a therapist who specializes in infertility in an IVF clinic Bangalore. [READ: Guide To Finding Inner Peace And Quieting Your Mind]


The 2-weeks wait is indeed stressful for couples trying to become pregnant. This is the time when you cannot do anything other than waiting to see if this month will be favourable. According to IVF centre, you should be compassionate with yourself, you deserve extra attention during this time and should take very good care of yourself.

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