6 Fashionable Types of Western Dresses for Women

6 Fashionable Types of Western Dresses for Women

Western dresses are popular worldwide for their style. These make a fashion statement and there are different types of dresses to be worn as per the occasion.  BerryLook has an amazing range of dresses for women from bandages, bodycon, sheath dresses, and much more.  Do check out their wide selection range of fashionable dresses.

6 Fashionable Types of Western Dresses for Women

1.  Shift dress

Types of Dresses

Shift dresses are often mistaken for sheath dresses. But shift dress has a very different silhouette and no attention to your waistline. Womens shift dresses entirely give no shaping of waist and don’t have a seam. This makes it is too comfortable to wear and looks versatile.

2. Blouson Dresses

Types of Dresses

Blouson dresses can be easily noticed for their belt, string, or closure at the waist which keeps the waist half tight. The trunk part is usually a saggy and loose blouse that hangs on strings. While the hemline has a simple fall and is usually body-hugging. Buy these cheap clothes online that are best as loungewear, or late-night party wear. Blouson dresses are best suitable for triangle or hourglass figures.

Pair it with Pearl or string jewelry to add an extra charm.

3. Asymmetric Dress

Types of Dresses

 The asymmetric hemlines and flare give this dress an extra charm. Such dresses are having beautiful stylish patterns and look elegant on an hourglass figure.

Wear Asymmetric Dress with stylish peep-toe heels for a complete look.

4. Pencil Dress

Types of Dresses

Pencil Dresses are the best for any sort of formal event. They fit so well on the body and enhance the stilettos. The beautiful narrow structure of such dress makes its worth buy and best for special occasions like a date night. This looks gorgeous on a slim or woman with an hourglass figure.

5. Tunic Dress

Types of Dresses

Tunic dresses are best for laid-back breezy days or for a beach vacation. This dress is useful to hide the feminine curves amazingly. A tunic dress is best suitable for any type of body shape.

Match this up with a contrasting denim shirt to complete your look.

6. Sheath Dresses

Types of Dresses

A sheath dress is for those who don’t like much attention and best as formal wear. Being simple and can never be out of trend. Also accessorizing sheath dresses is very simple. Wear this to the office or any formal event from nine to five formal for a defined and stylish look.

Try styling a Sheath dress with your classic black pumps, statement necklace, and a stylish blazer.

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