What to Know About Indoor Cycling When Pregnant?

What to Know About Indoor Cycling When Pregnant?

Doing exercise during pregnancy is an ideal choice for women. Exercise helps to keep your mind
calm, relax and you will feel energetic throughout the day. It does not matter that you are doing
exercise at home or outside. Here you will know about the advantages, importance,
disadvantages of indoor cycling. [READ: Ways to Survive 2-Weeks Wait After IVF Treatment]

You can do exercise inside the home also like as “Indoor Cycling”. Cycling is one of the easiest
ways to maintain the fitness of your body. During pregnancy, indoor cycling has numerous
benefits for the baby and mother too. But, when and where should you do cycling? Let’s find out
it as below.

Is It Safe To Do Indoor Cycling?

Indoor Cycling When Pregnant

Before doing cycling, it is a must to take approval from your doctor or OB/GYN or trained
trainer. If your doctor allows for cycling at home then you can go ahead. Now, it is important to
know three necessary tips while doing cycling during pregnancy:
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● First of all, prevent yourself from doing extra exercise/work.
● It is so important to fulfill the deficiency of water to stay hydrated always.
● Don’t work/exercise in hot temperatures because it may be harmful during pregnancy.
Note: – Do cycling most safely and keep tracking your heartbeat during cycling. Your heartbeat
should not be above 140. Here’s the list of best indoor cycle in India

Is Outdoor Cycling Safe For Pregnant Lady?

Well, outdoor cycling is tricky compared to indoor cycling during pregnancy. At home, you can
adjust things according to your opinion. But, you can’t adjust the things outside like:
● Cars, bikes and other vehicles on the road
● Harmful substances or toxins in the air
● Weather can change anytime
● Crack and holes on road are common
● Buses, pedestrians and other big vehicles on road.
Above are the major causes that are not safe for cycling outside during pregnancy. A pregnant
lady needs silence, a pleasant environment and happiness. Thus, outside cycling is not safe compared to indoor cycling. The risk of falling and abdominal trauma is one of the major risks of
outside cycling.

Classes of Cycling/Spinning for Safety!

If you are pregnant and want to do cycling (indoor/outdoor) then firstly get permission from your
OB/GYN. In a normal situation, a person can do cycling in any movement. But, it is not the same
in pregnancy. A pregnant lady should go with an instructor or spin classes to know more about
cycling because:
● When you join spin classes then tell the instructor about your pregnancy.
● An instructor helps you to provide better assistance in this period.
● It is essential to choose an instructor who must be trained in prenatal exercise.
● During pregnancy, standing for a longer time will be difficult for a woman. So, ride your
cycle without standing for a long time.
● Seated cycling is safe for pregnant lady and it also will be comfortable for you.
● If there are any holes or bumps on road then you must be careful (if you are doing outside

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Cycling during Pregnancy?

Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of cycling as below:
Advantages: –
● Doing cycling is like aerobic exercise (low-impact).
● Your body will feel energetic.
● Blood flow increase in your body.
● Your muscles will stretch properly.
● You can do a workout according to your choice.
● If you are at home then you can stop the workout at any time.
● Doing cycling helps you to cope with labour pain (according to the study).
Disadvantages: –
● A pregnant lady may be uncomfortable due to bike seats.
● Spinning/cycling classes are costly.
● If you are going to buy a stationary bike then it will be expensive.
● While cycling, it is tough to stop and get off (mostly if you want to use a bathroom). 

Affect of Cycling During Trimester?
Cycling is an ideal choice for pregnant women to maintain their health and fitness. But, you have
to do cycling according to your trimester like:

● First Trimester: – This is a very crucial period for pregnant women and any single
mistake can be the reason for miscarriage. So, you have to be careful while doing cycling
during your first trimester.
● Second Trimester: – In this period, there is no pain and you can do cycling in any
movement. But, you have to track your heartbeat from time to time.
● Third Trimester: – At this point, the baby grows and your body also changes. You must
go with an instructor or expert to do cycling in this period.
Some Important Tips to Follow while Cycling!
Before cycling, it is essential to follow some important tips like:
● First of all, visit your OB/GYN and discuss your planning for cycling.
● Don’t go with over-exercise. It is better to do only 30 minutes in a day.
● Water is necessary during pregnancy. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.
● Stay away from those activities that may cause overheat to you.
● Don’t use jumping, dancing and high-intensity sports.
When to Stop Exercises/Cycling?
If you are facing the following symptoms then immediate stop cycling:
● Pain in chest
● Bleeding
● Headache
● Inflammation and swelling
● Difficulty in breathing
● Dizziness
● Any latest pain in the body
Last Words
You can also visit the IVF clinic for getting more information related to exercises during
pregnancy. As per the study, indoor cycling is safe compared to outdoor. So, do exercise after
consulting your OB/GYN.

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