How To Find New Clients: The Nail Tech’s Ultimate Guide

How To Find New Clients: The Nail Tech’s Ultimate Guide

After passing their licensing exam, future nail technicians expect to finally get the job of their dream. However, not everyone turns out to be that lucky. Although working in the beauty industry today brings a good income, it happens that an impressive part of beauticians does not go even half the way. Having received a dose of disappointment, manicure experts have to regretfully return to their previous jobs. High competition and shortage of clients are the main reasons why upcoming nail techs give up and abandon their dream.

If you do your research on this topic, you can find out that all tips for attracting clients on the Internet come down to one thing – you can’t make money without investing funds. Sadly enough, there are situations when the amount of money is limited or there’s no money to be invested at all. In this case, knows how to help!

Help people find you!

Sign up on – an online platform that brings together beauty professionals and clients from all over the world. Your Fine Adviser profile will give you the opportunity to edit your page for free and stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Add photos to the catalog and show your work to people from all over the world.

Update your personal details so that people can find you.

Manage your bookings and customer database.

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Ways To Attract Clients


If you don’t have funds for online promotion, you will have to promote your services on your own. There is no better platform for that than the Internet:

·      Personal website: it can be the simplest one, made by you using free software and containing only the most important basic information;

·      Social networks: there you can post the pictures of your works, as well as run contests;

·      Blog – makes it possible for you to upload photos and videos, post useful info on hand skincare and the latest trends of the season; [READ: 8 Best Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog]

· an online platform used by plenty of beauty experts and salons. More and more beauticians add their profiles to the catalog every single day. Search filters are expanding, which makes it easier to select a beautician or a salon in a particular city.

Word of Mouth

This is something that will never go unnoticed. After all, a friend’s recommendation is like a blessing. In order for it to sound tempting, it is enough for you to perform at the highest level. Otherwise, the word of mouth will become anti-advertising.

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

You can cooperate with other beauty industry experts: hairdressers, epilation specialists, brow techs, or make-up artists. Mutually beneficial recommendation ads are bound to work.

Good Service

It must include:

·      The workplace: a comfortable chair for your client, pretty interior, high-quality materials, disposable consumables, coffee and fresh water, pleasant music or a film, the nail technician’s uniform – all of this works for positive feedback from the client;

·      Maximum politeness and active listening skills;

·      Client memo;

·      Business card – this one should be selling, memorable, and of course, contain all contact information. You can also specify the date of the last visit or the percentage of the client’s discounts.

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