Cosmetic Surgery as An Art Form

Cosmetic Surgery as An Art Form

Cosmetic surgery is just as much an art form as it is a branch of medicine. When it comes to considering cosmetic surgery, there’s no other part of the body that’s more noticeable than the face – which makes a successful outcome all the more important. With that being said, there are many different parameters that define a successful cosmetic result: patient satisfaction, doctor or clinician satisfaction, facial harmony, peer perception. Regardless of how you define it, just know that a great result is based on both skill and artistry. I know this first hand. Dr. Jaclyn Tomsic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Ohio’s Center for Oral, Facial, & Implant Surgery .In recent years we have seen an upward trend in the popularity of lip injections due to the huge output and influence of photos through social media, and overall desire to look more attractive, and the pandemic-driven explosion of the virtual meeting world. Whatever the reasons for a person getting lip injections, there’s no denying the heightened demand and expectation that they look ‘born with it.’

Cosmetic Surgery

I love being able to offer my patients quick, relatively painless, and effective cosmetic treatments. My lip filler goals are to achieve subtle but noticeable, effective, and natural results. The artist in me must determine where additional volume would benefit and how to achieve the desired, youthful results while I also ensure that everything is done medically correct. [READ: 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Lipsticks & Know Simple Hacks To Rock Your Lipstick!]

There is a saying in cosmetic surgery that goes like this ‘the best treatment is the one no one notices.’ No one wants the done-up look. Everyone wants that special “it” factor, even if no one can put it exactly into words. The perfect lip filler treatment is kind of like this, which is why it has been such a gratifying challenge to continue to learn and perfect this craft.

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