Beauty Trends 2021

Beauty Trends 2021

People are driving for beauty over decades. With the spread of the pandemic, people’s requirements for beauty have gone to a higher level. Social and environmental sustainability have become consumers‘ top demands.

The biggest makeup, and skincare trends for 2021, according to beauty experts are products with multiple uses, Technology advancements in sunscreen, make-up that boosts your mood, barely visible makeup, hair color that is both experimental and safe to use at home, hair treatments that are nourishing and can be done at home, and sustainable makeup tools. The sustainability and degradability of beauty products are very significant with the increasing trend of using beauty products.

For European buyers, sustainability remains key to cosmetic ingredients. The same goes for consumers. Consumers are more informed about issues such as global warming and environmental threats. This trend has led organic, vegan, fair-trade, sustainable, and ethically sourced cosmetics to become more mainstream.

Sustainability and Degradability of beauty products in 2021

Consumers, cosmetics firms, organizations, and academics from other disciplinary sectors have been increasingly interested in the topic of sustainability in the cosmetics business in recent years. Sustainability extends beyond packaging to include the entire production process, from sourcing to formula development in the beauty industry. Concerns about cosmetics safety, environmental implications such as deforestation, and social implications such as those stemming from unfair trade have all heightened the focus on this problem.

While sustainability consequences occur at all stages of the cosmetic product life cycle, raw material selection deserves more attention because information on the subject is still sparse. Formulating with alternative ingredients that are deemed more sustainable might be difficult due to potential performance, stability, and aesthetic constraints.

In this regard, ProFound – Advisers in Development is a development consulting firm. It is a group specializing in developing long-term value chains for natural components used in food, cosmetics, and health. They promote sustainable sourcing and connect manufacturers of natural ingredients with buyers.


L’Oréal announces 2030 plan on Earth Day and will donate 10 million euros to environmental protection projects

Juni create a 100% recyclable lipstick tube

Recently, the latest sustainable product developed by the cosmetics industry is plastic-free lipstick tube. The best example of a 100% plastic-free lipstick are Juni lipsticks. Their lovely lipsticks are not only organic and vegan, but they are also plastic-free. Their unique lipstick bullet is manufactured entirely of aluminium, as they are determined to avoid using plastic at all costs. Aluminium, dubbed “the green metal,” was chosen because it is one of the most recyclable materials on the globe and can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality.

Mysticism has emerged as a sexy new concept for young consumers

As mentioned above, sustainability runs through the entire process of cosmetics production. How to create a highly aesthetic cosmetic has become the most concerning issue of the industry. Among them, the most worth mentioning is the use of ” Mysticism” colors.

Over the last year, Chinese beauty social media feeds and retail platforms have seen increased product launches inspired by “mystical” ideas like astrology, feng shui, and tarot. Pony Park, a Korean beauty blogger with a significant Chinese following, collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to release a tarot card-themed cosmetics line in 2020.

The emergence of esoteric beauty collaborations is linked to an increasing curiosity among young Chinese people about the world’s mysteries. Spiritual activities from Western and Eastern traditions have gained appeal among younger generations, from online forums to physical companies.

Superstition has prevailed throughout China’s thousand-year-old folk traditions, claiming that wearing specific goods or resembling certain attributes will ensure a rich and happy life. It is stated that a strict set of luck-enhancing activities can be used to increase luck, such as wearing a Yang-strengthening gold necklace to counteract the “Yin” aspects of one’s birth index. As a result, when buying for luxury and fashion, Chinese customers hunt for luck-enhancing characteristics.

Some cosmetic firms have already embraced this trend, transforming age-old superstitions into fashionable and socially conscious product concepts. Perfect Diary, a C-beauty firm, released a Koi-themed eyeshadow palette last year, which led to a “Lucky Koi” cosmetic looked content feed on the lifestyle sharing site Little Red Book, which had 7.8 million views.

In addition to cosmetics, the sustainability of makeup tools is also increasingly being valued. Among them, the makeup brush, as the most basic tool, has become the focus of people’s most attention.

Leader of fashion makeup tools Shangyang

The mission is “To be the innovative leading brand in World-class cosmetic brush manufacturing”.Shangyang is a company that specializes in creating cosmetic brushes in a variety of shapes and uses. Shangyang aggressively tackles its social responsibilities in environmental protection, human rights, sustainable sourcing, and business ethics as a high-tech company and a critical enterprise sponsored by the local government and is credited with meeting these obligations by its customers and partners.

Environmentally friendly materials have been increasingly popular in various businesses in Europe and the United States in recent years. As cosmetic brush makers, we invested RMB 8 to 10 million per year to make full use of recycling and renewable resources to reduce social resource consumption and produce new environmentally friendly goods with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Shangyang Sustainable Makeup Brushes

A makeup brush: combines biodegradable and retroelements

Shangyang is the first company in the industry to provide entirely biodegradable cosmetic brushes. No. 12 cosmetic bristles, for example, have been specifically treated to decompose in water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms in 3 to 5 years. Compared to typical bristles that hadn’t been specially handled by other companies and take 300 to 500 years to degrade, it is more environmentally friendly.


Beauty trends are increasing day by day in our daily routine life. With the increasing trends, one also wants reliable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly products. Moreover, cosmetic manufacturing companies are also trying to produce products that are biodegradable and sustainable which is a good trend to save individuals as well as the environment.

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