5 Ways to Increase Hair Volume Through Ayurveda’s Ancient Principles

5 Ways to Increase Hair Volume Through Ayurveda’s Ancient Principles

Haircare is a very important part of personal care for anyone who wants to keep their hair on their head. Neglecting hair health just adds to the many negative effects daily problems like stress, pollution, etc., have on your hair and changes the appearance of your hair drastically. Hair fall is one of the biggest problems faced by a majority of the population, and how to increase hair volume is a question everyone wants an answer to. 

The hair care industry is home to many solutions that can teach you how to increase hair volume and among the most effective ones are Ayurvedic remedies. With Ayurvedic principles put into use through ancient research now supported by science, Ayurveda holds solutions to all your hair problems. If you’re struggling to learn how to increase hair volume, here are 5 Ayurvedic ways worth trying:

5 Ways to Increase Hair Volume Through Ayurveda’s Ancient Principles
  • Scalp Massages: Gently massaging your scalp in circular motions for some time regularly promotes blood circulation in the scalp. This increases the supply of nutrients to your scalp, encouraging hair follicles to regrow hair and replenish any dead hair. Remember to use lukewarm essential oils like rosemary, fenugreek, castor oil, etc., for best results.
  • Yoga: As stress is one of the main reasons for hair fall and dull hair, taking up yoga can help massively. Yoga has been scientifically proven to control the production of stress hormones like cortisol and boost the production of happy hormones like serotonin. It also increases oxygen levels in your body, which play an important part in strengthening weak hair. [READ: How To Take Care Of Fine Hair?]
5 Ways to Increase Hair Volume Through Ayurveda’s Ancient Principles
  • Ayurvedic Hair Masks: Ayurveda is known for its easy home remedies that you can prepare for multiple things. This includes hair masks for better hair volume. Here are some easy recipes:
  1.  Amla: Mix amla powder and yoghurt in a bowl till you have a smooth paste. Apply this to the scalp and the length of your hair, rinse with lukewarm water in 30 mins.
  1. Bhringraj: Bhringraj oil is easily available in markets but making your own at home is more authentic. Crush some dried leaves into a fine powder, add it in coconut oil and heat. 
  1. Fenugreek: Grind soaked fenugreek seeds into a fine paste in the same water you used to soak fenugreek. Apply this to the roots and leave for 20 mins.
  • Natural Shampoos: Shampoos are full of harmful chemicals like sulphate, paraben, etc., that can cause long term damage. Opt for Ayurvedic shampoos with organic ingredients like aloe vera, shikakai, hibiscus and reetha.
  • Balanced Diet: Plenty of nutrients are very important to flush out toxins and deeply nourish your hair. A balanced diet should include foods rich in protein, iron, vitamins, fatty acids, biotin and zinc. You can find these in citrus fruits, nuts, leafy vegetables, poultry, dairy, whole grains, etc.

How to increase hair volume is an easily solved problem with the above Ayurvedic solutions. Apart from this, staying hydrated, regular hair trimmings, cutting back on substances and use of heating products like curlers, straighteners, etc., will also help. You can learn more about how to increase hair volume from Traya.

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