Add Funk to Your Fashion with Mridul Madhok’s Styles

Add Funk to Your Fashion with Mridul Madhok’s Styles

Mridul Madhok is the most popular Tik-Tok star and has a massive fan base from his MTV channel show.  He is a well-known fashion blogger, fashion geek, and fitness freak that inspire many of his fans. In short, Mridul Madhok is a complete package of talent, fitness freak, stunning looks, with amazing fashion sense. Mridul is the latest internet sensation who woos his female fan base with his superb fashion and styling sense. This 28 years old good-looking hunk is a craze among boys for fashion.

Let’s Check How To Add Funk To Your Fashion With Mridul Madhok’s Styles

Neon Green For Summer And Spring

Mridul Madhok Styles fashion

Green is the most loved colour that looks pure, simple, and fresh at the same time. Green comes in many different shades and can be worn differently as per the occasion and season. Take a look at this Mridul Madhok’s relaxed and fresh neon green look that’s just too perfect for spring and summer. He has paired a neon green t-shirt with white jeans for a simple, sophisticated, and fresh look. [READ: Latest Fashion Trends For Men]

The Trendy Traditional

Mridul Madhok Styles fashion

Traditional Indian wear can never go out of style for any special Indian occasion like marriage, engagement, and festivals.  Choose them in the latest prints like floral as seen worn by Mridul Madhok. Also, Animal prints traditional wear for men is the latest trend for its unique designs and simple print that is also embraced by designers. Animal prints are easy to carry, accessorize and style yet look very trendy. Take a look at this style by Mridul Madhok, who has so well paired tiger scar embroidered white Indowestern outfit with floral Banarasi silk stole for the perfect Royal Rajput look. The style looks even perfect with a black dhoti for an eye-catching men’s outfit combination. [READ: Know-How Can Men Style Jutis With Indian Ethnic Wear]

The Quirky Prints

Mridul Madhok Styles fashion

The funky and quirky print t-shirt is the latest fashion trend. Get them in Polo Shirt to look attractive and stylish. This tee can look flattering on any body style and shape with the smart class look. Polo Shirt is the most loved and versatile smart casual wear for men. And quirky print Polo Shirts are just too perfect as casual wear for any day trip, outings, or get-together. Take a look at this Mridul Modhak’s style of the quirky tee with Jeans for a classic and casual look.

Effortless Stripes

Mridul Madhok Styles fashion

Stripes are another classic trend that will never fade in fashion.  Mridul Madhok’s cool style with Stripes tee, jeans, and a jacket look effortlessly casual and fashionable. Wear a jacket for a fall or winter outfit.

Nerdy Style

Mridul Madhok Styles fashion

A nerd look is stylish these days that is very cool and trendy. The classic nerdy/geek look with shirt and glass is easy and simple to pull off. And the Nerdy Glasses look absolutely cute. Get some fashionable and nerdy inspiration from the Mridul Madhok style. Team Cardigans or V-neck sweater with a tie for a stylish look.

Mridul Madhok is now on Myntra studio and is giving his styling tips and recommending products to his fans, which is so cool! You can buy all the recommended products of Mridul Madhok from Myntra and be stylish and cool like him.

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