5 Unique & Virtual Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Lockdown

5 Unique & Virtual Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Lockdown

The day to celebrate the most cherished relationship of everyone’s life is here… ‘Mother’s Day! Sadly due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, most of us will be celebrating at home, while some may not even be able to meet their moms. So do you think there’s going to be no celebration for Mother’s Day 2020? Worry not, we have a solution!  It’s time to get creative and celebrate mother’s day virtually. This will definitely make your mom feel special and ensures her health and safety. This year let’s celebrate Mother’s Day at home, in a social-distancing style.

Check Our Unique And Virtual Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas During Quarantine.

1. Virtual Movie Date

Sadly, it isn’t possible to enjoy a movie in theatres this 2021, but it’s a great chance to grab some virtual movie dates with the #1 woman in your life. Make your mother’s favorite movies list to enjoy it virtually. Try this with any online streaming apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, or Prime Video. Have a happy Mother’s day time together!

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2. Virtual Mother’s Day Party

5 Unique & Virtual Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Lockdown

Connecting with your mom virtually can be the best Mother’s Day gift. But let’s make it unique this time; plan a surprise virtual party for this special day. Ask all your special family members, her friends, siblings to join on a Zoom, Google meet or WhatsApp group video calling.  Make it even more special by asking all to share something special about your mom like a story, photos, or dedicate a song to see your mom smiling.  [READ: Family Photography | Framed Canvas Prints Ft Canvas Champ]

3. Mother’s Day Video

You may have thousands of pictures of your mother with you. Get creative and put them all together to create a beautiful video collage or slideshow. Your mom is sure to get a smile on her face and cherish it forever! Don’t forget to add a special personalized video message to wish ‘Happy Mother’s Day.

4. Plan A Virtual Tour Together

Were you planning a tour together for Mother’s day gift? You need not change your plan amidst lockdown. There are many places in the world that both can explore together by just sitting in your own homes. Take the help of virtual tours online during the pandemic to check theme parks, zoos, or museums. Enjoy your virtual vacation!

5. Virtual Activities Date

You may be physically apart but that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in the regular Mother’s Day activities.  Cherish all your memorable moments by baking, cooking, playing a game together, or even do a karaoke night.

5 Unique & Virtual Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Lockdown

Do whatever your mom is sure to love any thoughtful gesture to celebrate mother’s Day. Alternatively, if you are too busy you can also send her a Mother’s Day card, order a cake or some of her favorite flowers.  

And for a tech-savvy mother, just a picture together on social media with a tag will say it all.  Whatever any of your ideas to celebrate mother’s day is sure to make your mom happy and feel extra special.

What are Your Ideas For Mother’s Day Celebration?

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