Tips To Employ The Right Makeup Artist For Your Beauty Business In Australia

Tips To Employ The Right Makeup Artist For Your Beauty Business In Australia

If you’re just starting up in the beauty industry, you will of course look for a good location and modern equipment, but the most important thing is your staff. If you have good professionals on your payroll, you won’t even have to bother much with advertising. In this business, word-of-mouth is often the best publicity and women talk a lot, so news of a great makeup artist will travel fast and wide.

However, before you hire such artists here is what you need to pay attention to.

What qualifications do makeup artists need in Australia?

Under Australian law, you don’t need any qualification to become a makeup artist. Basically, you can hire anyone you like if they can prove they have great skills.

However, you might want to look for someone who has completed a course in Makeup Artistry with a reputable school.

The idea is that many young people dream of a career in this field, but passion is not always enough. Practising your talent on your friends is a valuable experience, but this is an art that requires a lot of knowledge about shading, types of faces, layering techniques, colour blending and so on. Doing makeup for fun is one thing, but dealing with customers is a completely different story.

Makeup services are not cheap and the clients have every right to be very demanding. Also, they generally prefer to work with a professional since they sometimes pay hundreds of dollars for one job. [READ: The Makeup Artists Guide To Choose A Certified Beauty School]

Tips To Employ The Right Makeup Artist For Your Beauty Business In Australia

Ask for a background check

The vast majority of clients in this field are women so you want to be extra careful when you hire a makeup artist. Asking them to submit to a background check is essential as you cannot afford to have ex-cons working in close physical contact with young women or send them to their house.

What if your new and talented makeup artist has some sexual harassment convictions on their record and you know nothing about it? One client complaining of sexual harassment is enough to ruin your business, so this is a risk you cannot take. Best contact an online character check agency like ancc Australian national character check, have them do a quick background check on the candidate and hire them only if they have a clean criminal record.

Check out their communication skills

Soft skills are essential in this line of business. A makeup session is a very sensitive issue for most clients. Just think of a bride-to-be looking for the perfect makeup for her big day, she will probably have lots of questions and change her mind a lot.

A makeup artist must have the patience to talk to the most demanding clients and answer all their questions with a smile on their face. They also need to be prepared to explain their technique, what products they’re going to use and why. It doesn’t matter if the client doesn’t understand much or doesn’t know the difference between foundation and concealer, they’re still going to ask.

Also, check out your potential makeup artist’s attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure.

Discuss work schedules in advance

A makeup artist doesn’t work your typical 9 to 5. People will schedule an appointment at the hour that is most convenient to them and your makeup artist needs to be available. Before hiring anyone, ask them if they are willing to work unusual hours and be available on call if need be.

Also, make sure they are very punctual as your clients cannot afford to wait when they need to be at a social function at a certain hour. 

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