7 Most Asked Questions By A Toddler’s Mom

7 Most Asked Questions By A Toddler’s Mom

Congratulations Moms, your child has just entered a new stage!

It’s been 7 years and I still have the first-day feel of cuddling my Lil one in my arms. The time with babies flies so quickly from our arms to crawling, walking, talking all feel like just yesterday. Toddlerhood is the most exciting time for the child and moms and challenging as well.  

Let Me Share Some Most Common Question About A Toddler And Few Useful Tips To Tackle Them.

1. How To Potty Train My Child?

The first rule is to stay calm and focused to potty train a child. You can sit down to show how it’s to be done. Initially, you can also bribe your toddler for a treat if she does it well. The basic rule to potty train a child is to be consistent and get them to the toilet at the same time every day. He may or may not do anything, still let them be there for some time.

Take some clues from your child’s behavior if he is ready to wear underpants or want to go the bathroom alone. This can be a sign of a child’s potty training success.  Understand your toddler’s clues, make some good working strategies, and stimulate their interest. This may take a day, or a week, or a month, or even longer. Remember every child is different. Be patient!

2. How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums?

The first rule is to not pay attention to your kid’s tantrums. Leave them to scream, yell whatever, don’t be their audience. Eventually, they will get tired and give up.

7 Most Asked Questions By A Toddler’s Mom

It’s very difficult for toddlers to understand at this age, but making them learn is our duty. It’s absolutely ok to say NO sometimes and not give them what they want. Toddlers try to be independent at this age, wherein the fact is they are quite young. [READ: 11 Best Baby Product Brands In India]

Involve them in talks, picking the clothes, artwork or ask about what to make for dinner. Alternatively, you can also try giving them two choices to pick. This makes them feel great and like grownups.

Toddler tantrums are definitely hard to control but we have to make them understand their emotions and behave civilized.

3. How To Get My Kids To Brush Their Teeth?

Make your toddler understand oral hygiene and the importance of brushing. Make a schedule for tooth brushing every day and follow at the same time. Make the brush sessions fun and enticing with different kind of flavored kinds of toothpaste and keep changing their toothbrushes to interest them.  [READ: Mamaearth 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids Review]

4. My Toddler Has Social Anxiety? What To Do?

Some toddler gets very unmanageable and unruly when surrounded with a large crowd. This is mostly the case with a toddler who lives in a nuclear family. They aren’t used to face large crowds or unfamiliar places.  They will cling or force you to leave when surrounded by strangers or at new places.

7 Most Asked Questions By A Toddler’s Mom

This shouldn’t be ignored and your child needs you at such time. Hug them gently and explain you are with them and all is safe. Initially, you can try exposing them to a small crowd, taking them out to meet people, and let them play outside.

5. How To Stop Breastfeeding A Toddler?

This is the most challenging toddler problem faced by Moms. It initially feels grateful but as the toddler approaches two, most kids show no interest to leave breastfeed.  A NO can follow with a tantrum but it’s time to stop! [READ: 7 Breastfeeding Products Must-Haves For New Moms]

Wean a Breastfeeding Toddler Gently. You can start by breastfeeding only at bedtime routine, gradually try reducing the length, try gently unlatching and putting them to bed. Other ways to stop breastfeeding is by increasing quality time with the toddler during the day so that he gets distracted and less interested in nursing. There are many ways to Stop Breastfeeding Without a Struggle like applying Bittergourd paste or neem paste on nipples, put on a band-aid, avoid co-sleep, etc that have worked for many Moms. This is a very touching moment for both mother and child. Shower your toddler with loads of cuddles, touching, and hugs.

6. How To Deal With A Picky Eater Toddler?

 For me, this has been the most challenging toddler problem. I have literally cried and yelled. But when you are a mom, you have no option. My child was a picky eater and it became so important to handle it.

Explain to your child about healthy food and eating habits.  Show them how delicious the vegetables and other foods are. Set limit on snacking and serve same meal for all family members.

7. How To Get My Kids To Sleep Faster?

7 Most Asked Questions By A Toddler’s Mom

Bedtime Behavior Problem is the most common parenting problem. Either the child may refuse to stay in bed or insist on just sleeping with you. We all know about behavioral problems and health issues due to lack of sleep. Have a set bedtime routine and bedtime rules. Be Consistent to help your toddler follow healthy sleep habits.

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7 Most Asked Questions By A Toddler’s Mom

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