Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic And Ways To Tackle Them

Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic And Ways To Tackle Them

Lockdown and curfews during Coronavirus Pandemic have forced our kids to stay inside the house, with no play outside or meet near and dear ones or friends. The covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of negativity all around with lockdown, curfews, and news all around. It’s quite easy for adults who can control their urge to go out of the house when compared to children. Children turn to throw tantrums and get stubborn when confined in a house during the lockdown. Kids of cities get to play only in balconies or one or two rooms and be with the same people for the full day. This has created a mental impact of lockdown on kids.

Kids don’t have any fixed schedule; parents are always around them, and several other things. Such a situation widely impacts the kid’s mental health causing irritability, anxiety, and panic attacks. Your child may complain about nightmares, insomnia, excessive sleeping, headache, stomach ache, lack of concentration, irritability, feeling hopeless, violence, or unnecessary crying.

Let’s Discuss Some Ways To Tackle Children’s Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic

Interact, Engage And Involve

Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic And Ways To Tackle Them

Follow the basic rule to keep children busy by engaging with them. You can also involve them in different household chores, let them do video chats with relatives and their friends, or ask them to do some activity like drawing or any other hobby to keep them busy.  You can make them run in the house, do yoga for kids, or join an online dance class to be active. Yoga Can Improve child’s Mental Health Especially during Covid-19 Pandemic. Also, don’t forget to make them sit for study for an hour to let them be in touch with the studies or read books for kids.  

Control Your Fears & Anxiety

Children learn and react the way their parents respond to a given situation. Hence it is important for parents to have self-control over their anxiety and fear during the crisis period. Failing to do that may also lead to post-traumatic stress in children. Avoid showing or discussing feelings like ‘I feel low or we are stressed’ are in front of your kids. Instead, parents can use words such as it’s frustrating, or I miss meeting my friends or relatives. In conclusion, give language and words to your kids with a positive thought to express the emotions. [READ: Can Diet Help With Autism? Learn Some Natural Home Remedies To Ease Autism Symptoms]

Provide Right Information

Overloading a child with the facts, reports, and information, about the current scenario coronavirus crisis, isn’t good. But, they must definitely know the basic and right information to create awareness. Children can just understand about their family and friends emergency. Hence it is important to explain the situation and create a little impact by explaining them in simple terms. While parents refrain from giving the right information about this pandemic, it is suggested by mental health experts to let them know the real trust about Coronavirus Outbreak. [READ: Do’s and Don’ts of COVID Vaccine]

Give Your Child Their Personal Space

Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic And Ways To Tackle Them

Give your child their personal space to let them be themselves, without anyone bothering them. During coronavirus lockdown, when parents aren’t going out for jobs or their schools and colleges are shut, everyone’s personal space is lost. And when parents head on them all day they may feel irritated. [READ: 8 Netflix And Amazon Prime Movies for Kids to Watch During The COVID-19 Lockdown]

Follow A Routine

Let your child follow the same routine as normal. During such a pandemic situation, the routine goes haywire. But try and maintain the same routine will ensure they stay scheduled and disciplined. Activity schedules can be made to follow the 8 am to 8 pm timetable. This helps the child to know about what’s to be done next and can get mentally prepared for the same. This will also ensure that parents get the best scheduled time to work from home. At the same time, do not get over strict and give some relaxation. [READ: 9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally]

Do Share Your Ways To Tackle Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic!!!

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