Letter Z Activities and Words for Kids

Letter Z Activities and Words for Kids

Congratulations, your child did it!

He has reached the last letter of the English alphabet. A few days back we discussed Letter X Activities and Words for Kids. Hope you enjoy reading our posts on Fun with Letters and easy ways to learn alphabets. Today let’s focus on the ‘Z’ alphabet

Lets Us Check Some Easy Z Words for Kids

•       Zoo

•       Zebra

•       Zipper

•       Zero

•       Zigzag

•       zoom

  • Zinnia
Letter Z Activities and Words for Kids

Here Are Some Words Ending With ‘Z’ For Preschool Kids

  • Buzz
  • Fuzz
  • Biz
  • Quiz

Letter X Activities Ideas for Kids and Preschoolers


Z is the very essential alphabet also known as a consonant.  Let your kid understand the sounds of the ‘Z’ letter. Here is a Letter Z song that can be useful for Kindergarten kids.

2. Zebra craft

Many kids recognize the letter ‘Z’ with the pictures of zebra. Your kid is sure to love creating zebra craft. Make a zebra using white and black color paper, some wool pieces, and a googly eye.

3. Car race

Make a zigzag track using a zipper. Now ask your toddler to race cars on this zigzag track. This will help them keep the movement and thus the letter in mind.

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Letter X Activities and Words for Kids

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