Letter X Activities and Words for Kids

Letter X Activities and Words for Kids

Moms can’t deny the fact about the problems of making the toddler learn the Letter ‘X’. It is among the most difficult alphabets for preschoolers.  Mastering the letter X needs a bit more practice and effort. Often teachers and parents are frustrated as the books also do not have many examples like other alphabets. There are many fun activities to teach and help your kids to pronounce the alphabet like using flashcards, match pictures, etc.

Lets Us Check Some Easy X Words for Kids

  • Xmas tree
  • Xylophone
  • X-ray
  • Xavier
  • X-ray fish

Here Are Some Words Ending With ‘X’ For Preschool Kids

  • Tax
  • Ox
  • Fox
  • Max
  • Box
  • Xerox
  • Six
  • Wax
  • Fax

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Letter X Activities Ideas for Kids and Preschoolers

1. Play Tic Tac Toe

Letter X Activities and Words for Kids

 Try playing everyone’s favorite Tic Tac Toe game with your Lil one. This game for 3-year old will help your kids to speed the learning process of letter X.

2. Letter ‘X’ Exercise

Using the painter’s tape, you can make bigger size 2 X’s on the carpet /floor. And now it’s playtime for kids! Ask them to jump, run, walk or hop from X – X. we are basically trying to connect their movements to remember X. [READ: Letter Z Activities and Words for Kids]

3. Mark The X Spot

This fun activity for toddlers is easy to do and helps them to learn alphabets and letters. Do this treasure hunting activity to find X letters on the map. You can Write X letters on a drawn map. And then ask your toddler to find the hidden ‘X’ letters. [READ: 8 Netflix And Amazon Prime Movies for Kids to Watch During The COVID-19 Lockdown]

4. Artistic X

Letter X Activities and Words for Kids

Every kid loves to draw and paint. Now let’s make this fun part a little more challenging for them. Let your kids draw anything they like but only with a rule that they must leave all edges border in their drawing. Now it’s time for them to fill these borders with the colorful X’s with crayons or sketch pens.

5.  Xylophone Craft

Do your kids enjoy the Xylophone? So why not make your own Xylophone craft. Engage your toddlers to do this activity to make them learn the letter ‘X’ for Xylophone.

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Being patient with your child is the key to keep them engaged in these activities. Don’t leave them alone, play and guide them throughout this learning journey. Kids love and it’s more fun for them when parents join them and encourages them to learn more every day!

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