How to Earn Money from Home in India

How to Earn Money from Home in India

Structural change is all around us and everything is towards the online transition. Online has gained even more importance during a pandemic, as the economy is falling and there’s a scarcity of regular jobs.  And everyone is in search of this question – How to make money online in India? Work from home is the next big thing happening around and thus one can easily take up online jobs. Put your time into valuable things and it’s going to pay back, thus an online job is the easiest way to earn money in India. While there are many ways to earn money it is also quite beneficial for home-makers, students, retired or job seekers. Online jobs are the best way to enjoy your hobby time and prove to be an extra monthly income.

How To Earn Money Online In India

Online Class

How to Earn Money from Home in India

During the pandemic, most of the classes are being conducted online. Tutors also don’t have to leave from homes while taking online classes through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.  Even extra-curricular have got online these days like bakery, singing, yoga, art, dancing, etc.

Online Shop

If you love making things at home or own a small-scale business, it’s time to create your shop using a website, or social media accounts. Start your own business to Show your products or services online. This is the easiest way to become an entrepreneur if you are into some artwork, homemade soaps, postcards, handloom clothes, cakes, show-pieces, etc. you just have to  Create a page to flaunt your talent. It’s so easy to create an online shop, get orders and monetize your talent or hobby. [READ: Why Use Social Media for Business?]

Youtube Videos

Post video on your channel and YouTube pays the channel based on the number of viewership. So it’s time to start creating the videos that you think people will love to watch like recipes,  painting, gardening, make-up, crafts, dance, etc. YouTube is known to be the easiest way to earn money online in India. It is the best method to monetize your talent and also learn new things.

Social Media Strategist

Become a social media strategist to form the company’s social media strategy. They also help in maintaining the company’s presence online and take care of their digital marketing. You will generally help in validating their brand which making the best ways to reach its consumers. Social media is everywhere and the most happening thing around, most of the companies spread their social media accounts and maintain or gain loyal consumers. And if you are trendy and proactive on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, this job is for you. Social Media experts help to plan, develop, & implement a company’s impression on digital platforms. Social Media Strategist not just helps in advertising, but also for designing campaigns, marketing ideas for the company. [READ: The Best Place To Repair And Replace Window]

Graphic Designer

This online digital job can be easily done from home. A laptop/computer and editing software are all that your need to start working. Generally Creative People with animation, cartoon sketching, designing love such jobs. Graphic designers help with visual concepts on computer software /hand to captivate the consumers. Production designing, creating overall layout, brochures, reports, and magazines are done by Graphic designers.


Have a fast typing speed and good listening capacity? Take up a Transcriptionist job that does not need much expertise or training. The job is to convert speech (recorded or live) into text. Businessmen, legal areas or Medical professionals, journalists need transcription services for very quick typing. You must also excellent command of the languages in the given question to listen to the audio. Generally, Transcriptionist is paid on an hourly basis of audio and can be easily done from home

Video Editor

Love editing video and well versed with video editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro, KineMaster, and Final Cut Pro?  Take up a Video Editor work from home job that will pay really well. So grab on your laptop and the required video editing software to start this job.


How to Earn Money from Home in India

Blogging is the most trending way to earn money online. Or even if love writing it can be taken up as a hobby. Create a personal or company blog using WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr and monetize your audience.  [READ: Why Instagram Is The Best Among All Other Social Media Platforms]

Customer Service Provider

Become a customer service representative to interact with customers and help them with problem-solving, address complaints, place orders or provide any important information related to products and services. Not much qualification is required and one can just take up this job with a set of headphones & a laptop at home. Excellent communication skill, patience level, and quick problem-solving is a must-have skill to become a Customer Service Provider.

Freelance Writer

If you love writing, take up an online Freelance Writer job to write at your own discretion. Produce your text as per the client’s demand to earn money online. Work with different genres and as per the demand to get good pay. Basically, you aren’t a company employee but working for them on your own at a suitable time. This is known to be the best way to earn money in India.

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