Giloy/Guduchi: Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy

Giloy/Guduchi: Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy

Global health crises Covid-19 is still on. We are all again stuck at home with no time to be out and get some fresh air. And everybody just wants to boost immunity to deal with this pandemic. Ofcource masks and sanitization are the most important but we can boost up our immunity to face this deadly situation.  And we are doing a lot from sipping turmeric water, adding ginger and garlic to food, drinking kadha made of several Ayurvedic herbs, and many other grandmother remedies. Among the many Ayurvedic herbs, let’s talk about Giloy today that is known for many medicinal benefits.

What Is Giloy?

GiloyGuduchi Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy

In Sanskrit term, it is called Amrita (the root of immortality).   Giloy plant stem is useful to treat intermittent fever and other chronic ailments.

Giloy/Guduchi: Health Benefits And How To Use Giloy

Immunity Booster

Giloy, a versatile ayurvedic herb is known to be the queen of herbs to treat many health issues. This helps in immunity regulation and strengthening due to its active compounds such as alkaloids & lactones. This is also useful to balance blood sugar levels, detox the body, and skin improvement.  To make the best immunity booster at home, make a giloy shot by mixing amla, black salt, and ginger. Add some water to all these ingredients, blend it, sieve, and consume. [READ: 9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally]

Treats Chronic Fever

Giloy has an antipyretic activity that is a popular herb to bring down fevers without any side effects. Drink fresh Giloy juice helps for boosting immunity and increase the platelet count. [READ: Do’s and Don’ts of COVID Vaccine]

Tackle Respiratory Problems

Giloy has anti-inflammatory benefits that help in treating respiratory problems such as frequent colds, coughs, and tonsils. Giloy helps to ease breathing problems and such signs and symptoms of coronavirus infection. The easiest way to eat giloy is by chewing its stem. It has shown amazing effective results on asthma patients. You can also consume giloy juice to ease respiratory problems.

Lower Sugar Level/ Treat Diabetes

Giloy is found useful to manage blood sugar levels.  It burns extra glucose while lowering the blood sugar level. [READ: DIABETES DIET: CREATE YOUR HEALTHY-EATING PLAN]

Stress Reduction

GiloyGuduchi Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy

Giloy is often used as an adaptogenic herb for anxiety and mental stress reduction. When combines with other herbs, this is useful to kick off toxins, calms the mind, & boost your memory.

Arthritis Treatment

Giloy has anti-arthritic properties that can be useful to treat arthritis and other symptoms. Giloy stem powder boiled with milk can be consumed to treat joint pain. You can also combine this Giloy concoction with ginger to treat rheumatism.

Digestion Improvement

Giloy improves the digestive system and also bowel movements. This s widely used in several Indian churans that are known for good metabolism. This in turn helps in easy weight loss and weight management.

Better Vision

Giloy has antioxidants (lutein) that are proven to be beneficial for eye health. Such antioxidants improve eyesight and maintain healthy eyes. Add giloy powder in water, boil and cool it. Soak a soft cloth or cotton pad to apply in the eyelids to improve your eye vision.

Skin Problems

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Giloy has anti-ageing properties which are known to rescue the signs of ageing, pimples, dark spots, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. Giloy powder is suggested by ayurvedic experts to treat many skin problems and remove toxins from your body. Boil giloy stems in a glass of water, boil and reduce it to half, strain, and consume. This immunity booster concoction acts as a blood purifier, removes toxins from the body, and also fights any disease-causing bacteria.

Wound Healing

Giloy stimulates phagocytic cells that are useful for the faster healing of wounds. Apply Giloy leaf paste on your skin to improve the wound healing process. This is also useful for skin regeneration.

DISCLAIMER: This post is just for reference purposes only. Please consult your doctor before consuming any such herb, medicine, or supplement.

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